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Lucrative Part-time Jobs

Mukta Gaikwad
Lucrative part-time jobs give you a chance to add to your savings plan with just a few hours of work. Such employment arrangements also give one the chance to explore various kinds of business opportunities. Read on to know about a few remunerative jobs that can help you gain a few extra bucks...
If your in-hand salary seems too less, then pursuing a part-time job will give you an excellent opportunity to earn a few extra bucks. Or if you do not have the time to devote to a full-time job, then working for a few hours is a good way of adding to your savings.
Lucrative part-time jobs give you the opportunity to work at your own pace and eliminate the pressures of grueling working hours. This allows you to be involved in your domestic activities such as looking after the children or the elderly as well.
So, if you think you are an ace at multitasking or want lessen the burden of work, take a look at few part-time job options that may help you solve your financial and time crunch.

Personal Fitness Trainer

The entire working class reels under the pressure of innumerable health risks, due to lack of physical activity and mounting mental tensions. In times like these, if you think you can help them by being a personal fitness trainer, then here's a job for you. Many offices today provide physical fitness classes to their employees to take care of their health and ensure the right mental state for optimum productivity. Join as a physical trainer and help these individuals lead a better life, in exchange for money.

Life Coach

The young and the restless minds know little about their interests, inclinations and abilities. To make things worse, only a few get the required guidance to make the right career choices, while many just wander till they stumble upon a convenient arrangement.
There is no prescribed qualification to be a life coach. They come from all sorts of backgrounds. A life coach basically helps people to set goals, develop strategies to achieve them, deal with obstacles and achieve the predetermined objectives.One needs to have excellent communication skills along with being an active listener to be an effective life coach.

Freelance Writer

Think you can write? Then being a writer today can help you earn more than what it did a couple of years back. Whether it is virtual writing or real time writing for a publication, there are ample of opportunities that provide part-time jobs as a freelance writer. Citizen journalists, freelance feature writers, freelance reporters or writing for websites are some of the options for those willing to experiment with the quill. Some of these jobs pay per article, thus the actual amount you can earn varies with the number of articles you write each month.


Sometimes the old books in the house don't do more other than eating dust. Put these antiques to some good use by starting your own library. Arrange the available books according to their genre and stack them up properly with labels. Fix a monthly subscription fee and a one time admission fee. You can buy one book a month and also take in donated books to increase your collection.

Jewelry Maker

A little imagination is all it needs to turn those lose beads into beautiful jewelry items. Novel creations have better chances of earning goodwill, as they are unique in style and design. You can design your own jewelry items and make them too. The materials required to make them are easily available in hobby stores. To advertise these items wear them yourself.
Develop your hobbies and interests into part-time jobs, because not only do they pay well, but they keep you hooked on too. Also, if there is something you've wanted to learn, then interning in the same field can pay you and help you seek knowledge as well. Here's a list of some more part-time jobs that you can try your hand at
  • Massage Therapist
  • Receptionist
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Dog Trainer
  • Dance Instructor
  • Restaurant Jobs
  • Filling Online Survey Forms
  • Ghost Writer
  • Tax Preparer
  • Babysitter
  • Student Counselor
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Modeling
  • Event Planner
  • Hair Stylist
These jobs need to be done with the same passion and interest as you would do your real job. Being engaged in part-time jobs keeps you in the groove of working professionally. Thus, going back to a full-time career becomes easy. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to develop a new kind of a business acumen, which would have remained unexplored otherwise. So, pick up any of the aforementioned part-time jobs to earn handsome remuneration in no time!