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Lucrative Careers for Women

Kundan Pandey
Women from all age groups can easily find many work opportunities. Nowadays, there are various career options for women, which are not only challenging, but are lucrative as well, such as HR management, teaching, etc.
Women have myriads of roles to play in life, and they have dexterously managed enormous responsibilities. Now, they have gone a step further and are competing with their male counterparts in terms of equal wages.
The gender wage difference is still as high as 23% in many countries. When the salary differences are of such order, it is normal for any woman to feel neglected and unappreciated, when compared to her male colleagues.
Generally, women that are less educated, or those that are working in small firms or those working inflexible hours (as they have to shoulder the family responsibilities also), are more susceptible to exploitation in terms of pay packages and perks. However, the wheels of time are turning and equal wages with no discrimination, will soon be a reality.

Highest Paying Jobs For Women

Finance, teaching, management, pharmacy, and real estate are some of the lucrative fields, that have opened the doors to new avenues, as well as provided them with a good option to earn big bucks. These high paying jobs can be broadly divided into two parts,
1. Those that require advanced and higher degrees.
2. Those that require only diploma certification.

Jobs Requiring Graduate/Postgraduate/Higher Degrees

Some of the most lucrative careers for women require a good educational background, which are proof of their skills and knowledge in various fields like science, management, psychology, philosophy, medical, arts, and literature.

Education Heads/Principals/Department Head/Teachers

Women have been excellent administrators and have the potential to handle tough challenges.
Generally, women having higher degrees in fields related to management, education, and teaching are recruited as heads of the department, teachers, and principals of schools, colleges, and universities. Teaching jobs are a wonderful option, as they can be managed by the ladies, while simultaneously looking after their families.

Human Resource Management

One of the best jobs for women is the job of a human resource manager. Ladies are generally more expressive and are believed to be better in interacting with people.
For a woman aspiring to be a human resource manager, she must equip herself with a postgraduate degree in human resource management.

Financial Services

Today, women are a routine part of the board of directors of big financial firms. They are hired in the financial services, and are proving their mettle in this field, even if there is a smaller percentage of women working in this sector.
To work in financial services, a degree in commerce, economics, and similar branches related to the business are essential. Women who are at ease with mathematics and really love playing with numbers can do well in the field of finance.

Careers Requiring Diploma Certificates

There are many options for women who have not been able to receive an advanced degree, but have pursued some diploma or other similar courses.

Librarian / Library Assistant

This job is a good option for ladies without advanced degrees. Many part-time courses and exams are conducted for being a librarian, that you can take while working as assistant librarian. Thus, you can work as well as study part-time.

Real Estate Assistant Agent

The job of a real estate assistant is the most sought after job for women that don't have any higher studies degree, but still have good communication skills and can manage the workload of a real estate agent.
Though the bad economy has adversely affected the real estate market, this job can still be lucrative.
Besides these, there are many other careers in the fields of law, engineering, and science, that a woman can pursue and live out her dreams.