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List of Careers in Biochemistry

Sujata Iyer
This story will give you a list of careers in biochemistry worth taking a look at in case you're a biochemistry major or if you're inclined towards it but don't know what kind of job opportunities await you in this field. Have a look and you'll know that you're making the right choice.
Biochemistry, as the name suggests, is a science dedicated to the study of the effects of various chemical substances, reactions and applications in biological beings: plants, animals and human beings. It is the combination of biology and chemistry, studying the relationship of one with the other.
The range of subjects that biochemistry covers is quite wide and some of them can be enlisted as follows:
  • Neurochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • DNA
  • Toxicology
  • Biotechnology
As you can witness, there are varied fields within the science of biochemistry. So there is no doubt that there are bound to be a lot of career opportunities within the field too.
With unprecedented advancements in the technological sphere in every field today, there's every reason to believe that a career in this field is and will be one of the most lucrative ones to go for. This story will give you an overview of the wide variety of career paths you can choose after you have acquired the required qualifications.


As you may have already guessed, the field of research within biochemistry is very vast and is always open to new entrants and can be further divided into sectors. There are government agencies which are always willing to absorb potential scientists.
Apart from the public sector, there are also private sector companies which indulge in different kinds of research and development of their own. Most of these focus on using biochemistry to manufacture products like beauty care, medicine, food, chemicals for different industries, etc.


When you visit a store and approach a salesman to inquire about a certain product, don't you expect him to know everything about the product that he's selling? Well, if you know your business well, you can get into public or private sector organizations which deal in the manufacture of various products using biotechnology.
You can join as a sales representative or a sales associate for these companies. Your background in biochemistry is something that will definitely help you out here.
That is because of the sensitive, and often complicated nature of the products that are being manufactured and sold by these companies. It's not your everyday trip to the supermarket, it is selling important and possibly life changing products like medicine.


Speaking about medicine, there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies that are constantly on the lookout for able and qualified biochemistry graduates.
Researching for and devising various types of medication, testing them and getting them approved for sale is something that cannot be done by anyone and everyone. It requires not only expert qualifications, but also expertise in the understanding and execution of the various research programs to come up with the appropriate drug.

Health Care

As an extension of the pharmaceutical industry, a person with a biochemistry degree is always welcome in the field of health care. There is bound to be a need for various kinds of laboratory technicians, medical technologists, laboratory specialists, etc. So, equipped with your degree, you're sure to find a good job in the health care field as well.


Being a biochemistry graduate can give you an edge over the others in another way too. You have one more very interesting career option. The various books, journals, notes, papers, etc. that you referred to while studying for your course were all published after careful writing, editing, and research.
As a biochemistry graduate, you can join a publishing house that specializes in publishing books pertaining to various fields associated with it. You can make use of your knowledge and education and also have the satisfaction of spreading the knowledge.


All those who say that, 'those who can't do, teach' have certainly got it very, very wrong. The responsibility of teaching something as intricate and as complicated as biochemistry is something that cannot be taken lightly. As an academician, you can take pride in imparting knowledge about the subject to future scientists, biotechnologists, and chemists of the country.
As you can see, the fields in which you can make a career after having studied biochemistry are varied, each with its own appeal. Any kind of career in this field will definitely ensure that you have exposure to some of the most advanced methods of teaching, learning and usage. So go ahead, don't doubt your ability to be a successful biochemist.