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Undertake the Life Coach Training and Help Others

Pankaj Chobharkar
This write-up deals with various ways in which people can undertake life coach training and help others live better lives.
A life coach is a person who helps his clients lead an improved and enhanced life. He listens to them and provides suggestions, so that they can find a way out of any troublesome situation.
In certain cases, we are so bogged down by certain matters, that we fail to see things clearly and need someone to help us simplify them. A life coach can help us in such times, and he can guide us on a professional front.
But he is not just called only during troublesome situations. Many times, people confuse him with a therapist or even a psychiatrist, but this is far from the truth. This profession is one having great responsibility, and proper training is required to deal with clients and truly help them out.


A life coach is usually approached by people, when they are finding it difficult to deal with some big changes taking place in their lives. They might be of different kinds, like career change, emotional breakdowns, starting a new business by quitting the current job, or rethinking of life-related activities in general.
He is supposed to give his clients an outsider's opinion. Sometimes, just hearing them out and making them realize their own answers, is what he has to do. Thus, he has to be a psychiatrist, therapist, and a friend at the same time. You need certain qualities to work in this field.

Training Options

Take Up a Certification Program

The prime requisite of this profession is a genuine willingness to help people. You can join some good institute that provides proper training like The International Coach Federation (ICF). You can apply for the Master Certification, Professional Certification, and Associate Certification.
These courses differ in durations and actual projects, undertaken as part of the curriculum. Master certification is by far the best and most rigorous course, and gives you the highest salary.

Sign Up for Online Training

There are many online courses available, and some of them are distance learning ones, while few provide you with free training.
But accreditation may be lacking for most of these courses. Thus, it is very important to verify all the institute details, or websites providing such courses. Lately some reputed universities have started offering online ones with proper certification. But without actual practice and interaction, their usefulness is questionable.

Train Yourself

You can choose to teach yourself, and if you are passionate about this career, you will definitely be successful. There are tons of books related to this field for you to choose from. The life coaching handbook by Curly Martin can be a good starting point.
For Christian life coach training, you will have to read about the principles and philosophy of Christianity. After doing some research and studying all the basics, you can contact a coach and work with him as an intern. This will give you a firsthand experience of this job.