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Life Coach Certification

Charlie S
Life coach certification can help you to build a career, wherein you can guide your clients in their personal and professional life. This story provides information on the training programs available for a life coach.
Every individual goes through many ups and downs in personal, as well as professional life. There are times when things don't work out as per plans, leading to disappointment. In such critical times, if the person receives the right guidance and support from a qualified person, then overcoming difficulties can be possible.
The duty of a life coach is to use his experience and knowledge, and suggest ways to his clients, to improve the quality of their lives. People require guidance and counseling in different areas such as relationships, friendships, business, career, etc.
The coaches cater to all these needs and suggest ways to keep oneself focused and happy. Considering the need for these skilled people, many institutes have started providing relevant training programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

The person taking up this role has to help people of all age groups with their personal and work-related problems. They have to suggest solutions and ways to achieve success in life. They conduct one-to-one sessions with their clients to discuss their problems in detail.
They make their clients feel comfortable and speak to them in a friendly manner to make them feel at ease. They need to understand what a client is going through in his life, and should be able to place themselves in the client's shoes.
They try and explain to their clients the need for positive thinking and attitude, dedication, hard work, and consistency in any field. This job description also includes conducting seminars for a large audience to discuss the topics that bother a large number of people.
They have the option of either working as employees in a firm, or starting their own counseling center.

Training Details

This role is an expert's task, which is why having the relevant qualification and certification is a must. The training is provided by many institutions across the world.
Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy (PCCCA) is an institute, which imparts the proper knowledge required for this task. This institute is known to have qualified faculty members, who teach all the skills that are required for this role.
Free certifications are also provided by many sites, as you get the opportunity to study the basic concepts online.
However, institutes that are recognized by the educational bodies provide a course completion certificate. This certificate is of prime importance, especially for people who plan to set up their own counseling center. The cost for this training is much lower than the other professional courses.
As per reports, you may have to spend anywhere between USD 2000 to USD 8000 for these programs. The International Coach Federation offers associate, master, and professional programs that are highly appreciated by the industry.
Many experts believe that there is an acute shortage of certified professionals, which is why there is plenty of opportunity for young and talented people in this field.
Apart from the certification, having qualities such as understanding of the human nature, maturity, and patience is absolutely essential to create a niche in this field. The salary of a life coach ranges from USD 25,000 to USD 35,000 per year.
With an experience of more than seven years, one can draw close to USD 60,000 per year.