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Librarian Job Description and Requirements

Mayuri Kulkarni
Are you looking for information on the job description of a librarian? Read on to know the details about this profession.
With the advent of new technology, the role of a librarian is not limited to keeping records of books on paper. These days, libraries are equipped with computers, Internet, informative CDs, DVDs, etc. Thus, the librarian has to keep himself updated with all these technologies. His basic job of is to maintain all informative sources available in the library.

Educational Requirements

Good supervising and communication skills, public relations, organizational and customer service skills, computer skills, and good general knowledge, are some of the basic requirements for this profession. One has to obtain a bachelor's degree in Library Science or Information Science. This degree may provide you career opportunities as a school librarian.
But, there are many schools and universities, which require a librarian who has a Master's degree in Library Science (MLS). Some of the academic institutes require qualification as librarian and teacher. Such people need to have a specialization in their field of teaching.
Many of the public and academic libraries prefer to appoint a person, who has obtained the MLS degree. To work for the Federal Government, one has to either obtain this degree or equivalent one, with enough work experience. For further specialization, one can opt for either reference, technical services, or children services.
To get into administrative positions, one has to obtain a PhD in Library and Information Science. Certification courses are available for those who do not have an undergraduate degree in library science. The educational requirements may change according to the institute and state.

Job Description

The duties of a librarian who works at the public library, differ from the one who works at the school library. The latter performs the following duties
Select and order books required by the students.
Teach and guide them with easy access of the books.
Return them to the shelves, repair damaged ones, and maintain a catalog.
Encourage the students for reading and using the available resources.
Make the library an interesting place for students, by making them understand its importance.

Help them to use the information in electronic forms.
Arrange special programs to teach them to use the catalogs, computer database, index to periodicals, etc.
There are three basic services involved in this job: administrative, technical, and user services. The librarian has to understand the need of the user, and suggest him the information that will fulfill his needs.
The librarian may guide the user with the methods of finding out the required information. He may also guide the user with other services like Internet. Administrative services involve management and planning of the informative material. The librarian has to make negotiations for the contracts that are involved in the purchase of the informative material.
The librarian has to make negotiations for the contracts that are involved in the purchase of the informative material. Technical services deal with maintaining records in the catalog. He should display notices about the latest informative materials that are available and take care that discipline is maintained by users and no one is disobeying the rules.
This profession will earn you a lot of respect. Moreover, this is an occupation, where you get to interact with the users, and gain a lot of knowledge.