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Kindergarten Teacher Interview Questions

Rajib Singha
If you are applying for the position of a kindergarten teacher then here are some questions you may expect from the personnel hiring you.
As a teacher you are aware of the expectations from the parents of your students. But being a kindergarten teacher is a different ball game altogether. Here you are responsible for shaping young and fragile minds, and giving them a nudge into a promising future.
So it goes without saying that, parents and the institution would expect the best from you. The following lists some questions that you may be asked during your interview for the post of a kindergarten teacher.
  • What does your daily classroom routine comprise?
  • What method do you exercise to maintain discipline in the class?
  • What according to you should be the different school safety measures put in place for children?
  • What type and amount of homework do you expect from children?
  • Cite a method you would use to help children maintain personal hygiene, recognize numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, etc.
  • Do you have any curriculum in place for your students?
  • Do you have any child behavior modification plan in mind?
  • Have you developed any different or unique way to help kids with their learning?
  • Are there any changes you would like to introduce in the generic style of the method of teaching in the kindergarten?
  • What difference do you see between kindergarten and other grade levels?
  • What pacifying skills have you developed for difficult kids?
  • What made you choose this particular institution?
  • What are your views on including parents in the educational process?
  • Do you think learning should only be theoretical or does it need practical examples too?
  • Are you able to determine the feeling which a student might have for you and the class as a whole?
  • How do you judge the potential of each student?
  • What should someone (a parent or anyone as a matter of fact) expect to see and infer, when they walk into your classroom without prior notice?
  • What sets of rules and regulations do you want your students to follow in the classroom?
  • How do you improve the grasping skills of children who are poor in it?
  • How do you resolve conflicts between children?
  • Can you explain the difference between forcing a child and persuading a child?
  • Do you evaluate and assess what your students might have learned from your teaching?
  • How do you deal with introvert children?
  • How helpful could be feedback sessions for kindergarten students?
  • Is it important to determine if a student is a visual learner, an auditory learner or a kinesthetic learner?
  • How do you deal with irate parents of a child who is not doing well under you?
  • Tell me about an exercise that would help kids get along with one another.
  • How do you react to negative behavior in kids?
  • Give me some good examples of positive and negative reinforcement.
  • How do you deal with children with behavioral problems?
  • When do you think positive reinforcement is most effective for a child?
  •  What classroom materials do you think are best suited for a kindergarten?
  • Should children be made aware of the objective of what they are learning or going to learn?
  • How important is communicating with parents about their child's progress?
  • Are you willing to invest time in individual students to help them hone their skills and overcome their weaknesses?
  • Do you think it is important to supervise your students even during recess or lunchtime?
  • What methods do you have in place to help your students grasp abstract concepts, and develop critical thinking skills?
  • How important are computers and up-to-date textbooks in present time, and especially for a kindergarten?
  • If you are replacing a teacher in midyear, then how would you help the students cope with your teaching style?
  • Do you practice any attention grabbing strategies for your students?
You may too come up with similar kinds of questions for the interview; just put yourself in any parent's shoes, and all possible questions will come pouring in to your mind. All the best!