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Key Skills Needed For Software Developer

Ravikiran Kulat
If you are a computer science student or doing a course to become a software engineer or a software developer, there are some technical skills you need to have to become a good programmer.
In this story, we will discuss some important technical skills you should have as a developer or if you are planning to become a good developer.
1. Data Structures and Algorithms
This skill is the topmost priority by most of the companies to check the problem solving and coding skill. You can become a good software developer if you know how data can be organized and how it can be used to solve a real life problem.
2. Programming Languages
In order to become a good programmer you must have command on at least one programming language in depth.
When it comes to deciding which programming language you should choose, so it depends on your area of interest and in which language you love to solve the problems or you are comfortable with.
3. Databases
An essential skill for developers is understanding of working with databases.
Developers should know all kind of operation like how to store records, create, insert, update, delete, etc. Creating any kind of application and software is impossible for any organization without the database.
4. Basics of Testing
Before releasing software in the market there are so many test cases a software or an application has to pass. Testing is an important step to find out all kinds of bug and to check if the software is ready to hand over to the customer or not.
These are the core skills required to become a good software developer.

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