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Junior Project Manager Job Description

Charlie S
Junior project managers are an important part of the management team. These managers undertake planning and executing of projects in various fields, such as the construction industry, architecture, computer networking, telecommunications, production, design and other service industries.
Junior project managers work with senior professionals such as assistant project manager, project manager and lead project manager to complete projects within the set deadlines and satisfy customers. This job is definitely challenging and requires dedication to succeed.

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Duties of a Junior Project Manager

Link Between Senior Managers and Common Employees

Junior project managers act as an effective link between the associate, senior level project managers and the junior employees. They implement technological solutions and business suggestions by the senior managers by overseeing the activities done by the junior staff.
They are also supposed to report performance and tasks done by employees to senior managers for final evaluation and acceptance. Therefore, this position is critical in the team building process.

Customer Interaction

Here, the managers have to define business process for clients and customers. They need to interact with customers to know their exact needs and expectations to complete projects accordingly. Customer interaction, before commencement of the project, can help in minimizing or fully controlling errors in project development.

Technical Duties

They are required to perform various duties which require excellent technical knowledge, both, theoretical as well as practical. They are responsible for communicating the project status through meetings and status reports, and need to translate technical language into common language for their staff and customers.

Quality Assurance

A project can be successfully completed only after providing a good quality assurance to the customers. Only this can guarantee the clients' value for their money, hence, this is an important function performed by junior managers in tandem with their senior counterparts.

Risk Management

In the process of business development and project management, risk handling is very vital. Project risks, if not handled professionally, can lead to escalating project costs, delays in project completion or even project failure.
With the help of their business sense, managerial abilities and technical skills, junior project managers play a crucial role in risk management.

Project Documentation and Technical Reports

Preparing technical project documentation and reports is also an important duty of the junior project managers. Technical documentation enables users to accomplish their tasks with ease without wasting time and effort. These reports are prepared after project completion to serve as a guide while working on future projects.

Cost Estimates

Junior project manager job description also involves estimating project costs. Cost estimates are prepared beforehand, and this is a form of management accounting as it helps the management arrange funds to complete projects on time. Proper cost estimates help a firm in product pricing and maintaining sustainable profit margins while going ahead.
Junior project managers discharge duties in the areas of project support as well as project administration. Along with a number of skills that are mentioned above, a bachelor's degree in the relevant field along with a master's in business administration can be an ideal educational path for a career as a project manager.
Their salary can be between $50,000 to $75,000 per year, and more after senior managerial positions. So, I hope this Story will guide you in the right way for a lucrative career as a project manager. All the best!