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Jobs That Do Not Require a High School Diploma

Aastha Dogra
If you have been unable to continue with your education for some reason, the world has not ended! You can find plenty of good jobs even today. This story describes the job opportunities for individuals in such a situation.
If you do not have a high school degree, this does not necessarily mean that you will not get a good job. There are some professions which require you to learn on the job, rather than attaining education for the same in closed classrooms! Some of these jobs can also prove to be quite well-paying, a few years down the line, provided you do them with focus and dedication.

Job Opportunities


To make a career in sales, you do not need a high school diploma. Experience in the field and excellent people skills count much more than any degree. To start with, you can take up a job in a departmental store or a restaurant. If you do your job right, you have the chance of getting promoted to become the section in-charge.
Otherwise, once you have a considerable amount of experience and a good recommendation/reference by the manager of the store/restaurant in your kitty, you will automatically have many avenues opening up for making a career as a salesperson.


One can also choose to become a cook or a food preparation worker in a fast food. To get this job, you do not need any formal training as the skills needed are learned on the job. Of course, to further your career i.e., to become an executive or head chef, you would need formal training. Otherwise, to join as a chef in a fast food, the only thing that you require is a liking for cooking.


Another well paying job is that of a writer. To get into this profession, you should have a flair for writing, good command over the language, and ample knowledge on diverse topics. You can freelance for a newspaper or a magazine, or you can write content for various websites on the Internet. Writing is a well paying job that anyone can take up, provided you know your words well!

Event Manager

Those people who have excellent networking, planning, and organizational skills, can consider becoming an event planner. Getting the first assignment, however, can be tricky. For this, see if any of your acquaintances or friends have a party coming up and if they would let you organize it.
If the first few events are handled well, there won't be dearth of opportunities in this field. Word of mouth is the best advertisement to get new assignments in this field. So, do the job well and you will keep on getting clients.


Beauticians perform jobs such as pedicures, manicures, haircuts, facials, etc. To become a beautician, you need to get a license from the state government for your particular skill. Some states require you to hold a high school diploma while some do not, so you need to check on that. To get into this profession though, you will need to have attended and passed a course in cosmetology from a state recognized school.


An easy job for a person without a high school diploma is to become a waiter or a waitress. While doing this job, you would need to take food orders from the customers and then serve the same to them at their table. A pleasant personality, good memory, and social skills will help you do well in this job.


You can apply for a job as a cleaner in any commercial establishment, be it a departmental store, a company, or a restaurant. The job may bring you in contact with chemicals, dirt, and debris, and may be physically exhausting. So, only those who are in the best of health should apply for such a job.

Online Jobs

For those of you who are well versed with Internet usage, jobs such as online marketing, data entry, affiliate marketing, paid surveys, etc., are a good option. These jobs can be carried out from the convenience of your home and do not require any education degree. Some of them may, however, require you to have a credit card.
If you want to further your prospects and become successful in your career, it is advised that along with a job, you continue your education.