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Jobs for Women Without a Degree

Aastha Dogra
If you think that all well paying jobs require a degree, think again! Enlisted here are some of the best jobs for women without a degree, which are reasonably well paying. Read on...
Just because you do not have a college degree, in no way means that you cannot find a good job. There are certain jobs which can be as well paying as jobs which only degree holders can do, provided you gain years of experience in the field and are willing to work hard. Some of these jobs even give you the added perk of flexible timings!

Jobs that Don't Require a Degree


If you are known amongst your friends and family for your culinary skills, consider becoming a chef.
You do not need a college degree for getting into this profession, as learning on the job is the route taken by most chefs. There are some vocational courses though, which will equip you with the basics of cooking, and help you find a good job in this profession.

Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers show on-sale residential or commercial properties to the possible clients, and make a sale. To enter into this profession, you need to obtain a license. You need to check on your particular state's rules and regulations regarding the same.
Usually, for getting a license, you would need to attend a training for some days, and that's it! No college degree is required. Although, to be a success in this profession, you should have excellent communication and people's skills.

Administrative Jobs

Women can multitask. So, if you go to any of the big companies, you will find them handling the front office as well as various administrative jobs. Such jobs usually involve taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, filing, checking emails, corresponding with customers and partners, bookkeeping, etc. Basically everything that keeps the office organized.

Child Care Worker

Women who prefer to work from home, are looking for flexible timings and a job which does not cause much stress. Child care jobs, which involve taking care of children while the parents are away working or socializing, would be ideal.
As a child care worker, you would have to perform numerous tasks, such as feeding the child, getting him involved in various kinds of activities which contribute to his physical and psychological development, besides looking over him so that he is safe and secure.

Chief Executive Officer

This is one of the high paying jobs without a degree. You can start your own business and become the CEO of your company. Catering, cleaning, event management, you can start any of these businesses, become your own boss, and earn handsomely.

Police Officer

Women are joining the police force in large numbers, mainly due to the power and prestige attached to such a job.
To become a police officer, you would need to undergo training at the police academy. This would be followed by a criminal background check and an assessment test, clearing which, you get this coveted post.

Freelance Writer

If your language is good and you have the capability of writing on a variety of topics, take up freelance writing.
You can write for magazines, local newspapers, and various websites on the Internet. The best thing about this job is that you can work from home itself, plus take up writing assignments whenever you want.

Internet Jobs

There are numerous jobs on the Internet which you can take up, that do not require you to be well qualified. 
Online selling, online surveys, data entry jobs, Internet affiliate marketing, there are plethora of options for you to earn a good amount of money on the Internet. Only thing is there are many scam sites and jobs online, so make sure you research thoroughly before getting into anything.
Some of the other professions that you can look into are - telemarketing, virtual assistant, fashion designer, gaming manager, graphic designer, private investigator, funeral director, dental hygienist, air traffic controller, pilot, sales representative and customer service executive. Choose from any of these jobs, depending upon your interest.
And as we mentioned earlier, as you gain experience in these professions, your scope to earn more will increase too!