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Jobs for Teenagers Under 18

Neha Joshi
Are you looking for some jobs for teenagers under 18, which will not only pay you well but also make you happy in the process? In that case, you should check out the provided options that might just be what you need. Read on to know about some really cool jobs that you can take up!
When we discuss jobs for teenagers, there are a lot of things we need to consider. A job should not just benefit you monetarily, but in many other ways too. For example, it should give you the much-needed experience, you should learn something new, and you should invest your time lucratively.
However, a job shouldn't be something that just pays you, but something that also gives you the satisfaction of a worthwhile achievement in your life. A few might pay you a lot. A few might pay you less, but might give you incredible experience. It's up to you to choose a job that fits your schedule and motive the best. Take a look!

Interesting Jobs for Teenagers Under 18


Surveys are fast becoming the easiest and fastest way to earn money. This holds true not only for teenagers, but people from all age groups. However, since teenagers don't have restrictions on time required, it works best for them.
You can visit the Internet and search for portals that ask you to fill surveys about various topics. In return for every survey that you undertake, you will be paid a particular amount of money. Most teenagers take this up as a proper job and enroll/register with multiple websites at once.


Babysitting remains one of the most common, yet lucrative jobs, even today. The reason being that it is one job that doesn't take much of your time and still pays you well.
When you're babysitting, you can invest your free time (say when the child is sleeping) in studying something you want or learning something that you've always wanted to. You can do your pending homework, learn new stuff on the Internet, and also learn a little more while teaching the child.


Managing restaurants, libraries, small shops and cafes is one of the jobs for teenagers under 18, but above 16. The reason for this is that if you're too young, no one would risk giving you such a big responsibility.
The demand for these jobs is very high as people with experience don't apply for these jobs, and eventually it is the teens who take them up. Just like babysitting, this can also give you some time of your own (when there are no/less customers), that you can invest in anything, any way you want.


One of the best jobs is to work with a local newspaper or with a magazine. If such an opportunity comes your way, don't give it up. You can work with the newspaper as a freelance writer, reporter or even a photographer. You can assist the editor if such a position is available. The paper has a lot of columns and you can try your hand at any of your choice.


Marketing is another sector where teenagers can find a job and it helps you earn quite a bit. There are marketing jobs available in bulk most times of the year, and you can surely pick up one of these.
Selling products or services on behalf of other companies can either give you a fixed payment or you might have to work in a 'piece wage' method. This job will help you specially if you plan to take marketing and advertising as one of your subjects later in college.

Make Use of Hobbies

If you have a hobby that you can convert into a job, it is indeed the best job for you. This is what most of the youngsters are doing today, and they're happy as they're doing what they like and getting paid for it.
If you're involved in music, think of playing at local restaurants or if you're good at cooking, you can actually start your own catering services and be self employed. As a job, you can work in the kitchen of various local bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and even hotels if you're that good.
If you have liked these full-time and part-time jobs for teenagers under 18, you can think about all of them and zero in on one of your choice. These jobs won't only give you money and help you save but will also give you experience which will stay with you for a lifetime.
You can also visit online job portals such as USAJOBS, coolworks, snagajob and simplyhired for job listings. Start finding a job today, to land up with one tomorrow. Best of Luck!