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Jobs for 13 to 16 Year Olds

Kashmira Lad
As a teenager who's looking to earn a little pocket money, you may be on the lookout for a job. Earning for yourself not only will boost your confidence and make you responsible, it also lets you explore your work interests and prepares you for your future!
Whether you're looking for some pocket money, to kill some time, or to brush up some skills that will help you in your professional life in the future, there are a number of jobs you can take up, depending on your varying interests.

Jobs Suitable for 13 to 16-year Olds

There are a vast number of jobs you can take up as a teenager. All you have to ensure is that it is permitted for your age. Some of the jobs may also need you to take a couple of lessons before you can start working. Some are not jobs per se, but they have good earning potential.
ᴥ Bagging at grocery stores
ᴥ Caddying
ᴥ Coaching different sports for kids
ᴥ Delivering newspapers
ᴥ Working at a library
ᴥ Helping peers or juniors with homework
ᴥ Maintaining gardens
ᴥ Making and selling crafts
ᴥ Making flyers for small businesses
ᴥ Performing at parties as a clown
ᴥ Performing household chores (example, cleaning)
ᴥ Pet sitting/walking/feeding/grooming
ᴥ Providing grocery shopping services
ᴥ Selling tickets for concerts
ᴥ Selling tickets at movie theaters
ᴥ Selling your old books/toys online
ᴥ Setting up lemonade stands
ᴥ Shoveling driveways
ᴥ Working as a (junior) camp counselor
ᴥ Tutoring at a local youth center or privately
ᴥ Taking up typing jobs (if you have a good typing speed)
ᴥ Working as an attendant at an amusement park
ᴥ Freelancing online - programming and writing (training required)
ᴥ Working in a fast food joint (normally applicable to ages 16 and above)
ᴥ Working as an usher at movie theaters

Tips for Teens Looking for Jobs

It is exciting for any teen to enter a world where they can make money, but before you do, there are several considerations you must keep in mind.
  • Speak to your parents/guardians about the fact that you want to work, and the kind of work that interests you. They will be able to guide you about what you should take up.
  • Find out the legal age at which you can take up part-time jobs in your state. More often than not, when you call a potential employer, they will tell you whether you are eligible to work for them.
  • Consider your personal skills when looking for a job. For instance, if you like kids, babysitting may be a good option. If you are good with people, you may choose to become an attendant at an amusement park. Once you have been able to identify your best skills, it will be easier for you to market yourself to people for the services you offer.
  • If this is your first job, find out how much you should be paid as against how much you are being offered.
  • Conduct thorough research about the place or people you are going to be working for. Take help from your parents/guardians for this for your safety.
  • Find out if someone has worked for them before and how their experience was. This is a good way to find out whether your potential employer is genuine.
There are many more jobs you can consider. These ideas should help you learn new things about a work environment, which will eventually help in your professional life.