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Ideal Jobs for Retired Teachers

Charlie S
There are many interesting full-time, as well as part-time jobs for retired teachers that can give them utmost job satisfaction, along with good monetary benefits. These second career options have been described here.
Teaching is certainly one of the finest and most respectable jobs in the world. The experience which a teacher garners during his service in schools or universities is very valuable.
It not only makes him very knowledgeable about his subject, but also increases his maturity level and improves his way of thinking. So, it is not at all surprising to see ex-teachers being in great demand in the government, as well as private sectors.
They can add a lot of value to any organization and assist greatly in its smooth functioning. Job options for them can either be full-time or part-time, depending on their personal preference. Most accept part-time jobs to live a comfortable life, with a supplementary income.

Tips for Choosing a Job

Here are tips that will help you in getting the right jobs:
  • As far as possible, search for a job which will suit your experience and qualifications so that you can use your knowledge to the fullest and do well.
  • Be very sure about whether you want a part-time or a full-time job.
  • Apply to the best employers in your field, as the chances of getting a job are high. You will have an edge over freshmen and less-experienced candidates, due to your past track record.
  • Prepare a systematic resume with your personal and professional details.
  • Look for jobs with flexible working hours and those involving less traveling for a better quality of life at your age.
  • Negotiate the salary with your employer and try to get the best deal by making the most of your experience.

Best Job Options


Retired teachers can personally teach students or set up a teaching center of their own. Their reputation as good teachers will help them attract more and more students for their course.
Online tutoring is also becoming a popular job among retired teachers these days. Teachers can also join universities as part-time visiting faculty members.

Business Consultant

Retired teachers can work as business consultants in the private sector.
They can provide quality advice on business development, adopting various business strategies, managing and raising funds, employee management, and client satisfaction. Though this can be one of the best-paying jobs for them, it would definitely be a bit stressful.
Business consultant jobs are available in plenty of sectors, such as information technology, banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles. So, my advice would be to think of the stress factor before you commit to any company.

Research Jobs

Experience in teaching can prove to be extremely handy to apply for research positions. You can work as a senior researcher in laboratories and research and development (R&D) departments of well-known companies.
Since teachers have an in-depth knowledge of their subject, they can be an asset to the research team of an organization. If you have a doctorate in your subject, then the chances of getting hired as a researcher will be much more.

Career Counselor Jobs

Ex-teachers can be excellent career counselors, since they have been in academic or education field for a long time. Teachers are well aware of what qualities are essential to make it big in a particular field.
With the help of career tests and proper guidance, they will be able to give the student's career a good direction. Courses in career counseling are essential in many regions to work as a career counselor. Apart from self employment, opportunities exist in educational institutions too.
So, these were some of the finest jobs that retired teachers may opt for. If you have anything else in your mind, like starting your own business, then you should definitely go ahead with your plan with proper research.