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Job Options for Misdemeanor Offenders

Indrajit Deshmukh
If you are looking for a job and have a misdemeanor charge against your name, some of the options that you could try are the restaurant industry, delivery services, US army, non-profit organizations, etc...
The job market, in general, isn't great and it becomes especially difficult for people with a misdemeanor charge to find gainful employment. In an effort to rehabilitate misdemeanor offenders into the mainstream of society, the administration has introduced the federal bonding program.
This program offers protection to employers and encourages them to hire people with a criminal past. The government also offers tax credits to employers who offer jobs for misdemeanor offenders, and this program is known as the 'Work Opportunity Tax Credit'.
Irrespective of government initiatives, there are only a few industries that are considered favorable for misdemeanor offenders. Even in these industries, you need to have excellent personal qualities like confidence and communication skills to secure gainful employment.
One of the things that you need to accept is that finding a job isn't going to be easy. You will have to make a consistent effort and go about your job search even if you experience rejection.
Talk to your parole officer, don't ask him for a specific job, ask for suggestions, you might be pleasantly surprised by the ideas you get after your conversation. The Internet is a treasure trove of information, you just need to fiddle with your search terms.
Use search terms like 'job with no background checks', 'work from home jobs', or 'online jobs' when you are surfing the Internet. Talk to your friends and family about your desires and keep reminding and informing them about your job search.
The simple logic behind this is that you are better off when 10 people are searching for a job. Here are a few options that you could explore.

Restaurant Jobs

This industry has one of the highest attrition rates in the market, meaning lot of people leave their job making room for others. You may get an opportunity to work in different positions ranging from a 'busboy' to a 'restaurant manager', depending on your skills and educational qualification. Look in your local newspapers or door signs in your area for these jobs.

Army Jobs

The US armed forces offers opportunities to people from varied backgrounds to work in the army, even if they have a misdemeanor charge against their name. The army will employ people in different departments like accounting, construction, stores, vehicle maintenance, etc.
If you are looking to reform your life, an army job is one of the best options. You can use this job as a stepping stone for a good career.

Online Jobs

Several companies pay people to take part in their consumer surveys and online opinion polls. Market research companies are your best option when it comes to such jobs, however, you need to watch out for scam websites which ask you to pay for registration. You could also get some online data entry jobs, and content writing assignments.

Charitable Organizations

The salvation army is a great place to restart your career if you have a misdemeanor charge, they even offer overseas employment to able candidates. Local church charities are also a good place to look for gainful employment.
Try and compile a list of non-profit organizations in your area and send your resume to each one of them. Knock on the red cross office in your neighborhood and check if they have any vacancies.
Daily wage and manual labor jobs, like construction, are also an option that you could explore to start supporting yourself. Local delivery jobs with pizza restaurants and milk companies are also some of the places that hire felons and people with a misdemeanor charge. The idea is to not give up and not restrict your job search to one industry, apply for every job that you see under the sun.