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Jobs For High School Students

Kritika Parwani
When a student gets practical exposure to working conditions, it acts as a big plus for later on in life. It helps him understand the hardships of life and learn to tackle situations.
Today, 'Earn while you learn' is the primary motto of the young. It is believed that more than 55% of high school students prefer taking up jobs while studying, and desire to be independent. However, it is not always easy for a high school student to take up a job, since while studying, one needs to balance work, home, school, and friends too.
Jobs that can be undertaken during these times usually do not require complex set of skills, but it is good that you get into a field that interests you. The work experience would add up in your profile when you go out looking for a job in the future, and will definitely give you an edge in the long run.
Sometimes, it is possible for students to even work from home. It is important to get into a job that would provide you flexibility with your routine, and help carry on with school work as well.

Retail Jobs

The retail sector is one of the fastest-growing industry around. It offers huge opportunities for students who want to associate themselves with productive work. It would also be reasonable for students to get into big brand retail stores which would boost their future career. Various opportunities that a high school student would find in this section are:

Sales Clerk

A sales clerk helps to promote the sales of the company and acts as a helping hand to the sales manager. He is also responsible for making reports related to all the sales.

Store Assistant

The chief work of a store assistant is to look after the stock in the store. He has to report to the store manager regarding the stock, and see to it that the inventory is in proper control.


A cashier is responsible for handling the cash paid by the customers. This requires quick service, and one should be active and polite enough to do so.

Hotels/Restaurant/Food Service Jobs

This sector provides huge openings for students. There are a variety of work opportunities offered by restaurants. This line of work also enhances the management skills of a student. The various posts that a student can look out for in this sector are:


A receptionist is the first point of contact for all the customers. He/she should be polite and well-behaved. He should be able to provide proper information and maintain the company's register regarding visiting customers.

Delivery Boy

One can work as a delivery boy for the food service centers around town. This does not require special skills, and is quite an easy job for high school students. A delivery boy's punctuality is something that has to be kept in mind.

Room Service

This job requires one to satisfy the various needs of the customers in proper time. A highly responsible person should opt for this job. It involves routine tasks as well as any special requests that guests have from time to time.


The person responsible for this post has to deliver food or drinks at the table where customers are seated. One has to be very courteous and patient while on this job. Proper knowledge about the cuisine that is served at the restaurant is a must.

Sports Jobs

If you have passion for sports, there are lots of jobs that one can relate to in the sports arena. The posts offered in this field are:

Assistant Trainer

An assistant trainer is responsible for training and developing the skills of students in any school or club. You need to have special skills in the specific sport in which you will train others. Moreover, you have to work under the guidance of the head trainer. The best part here is that you will get to learn a lot in a field that you love.

Referee for Juniors

You can become a referee for the sports played by junior students. You need to know the rules very well and should possess playing skills too, in the game that you are refereeing. This would help you in becoming a professional at higher levels, in the future.

Adventure Sports Assistant

An adventure sports assistant works under the guidance an expert, and arranges for things at the proper place and time. He looks after the safety standards and directs people from time to time, under the commanding head.

Miscellaneous Jobs

Office Assistant

If you are interested in a particular field, the most fruitful job will be to find a person in that field and work as an assistant under him/her. Such jobs involve answering phone calls or doing clerical work. Though these jobs are not always easy to find, they're certainly not impossible to come across either.


Neighborhood parents always look for babysitters. This job will be easy to find, and will definitely give you flexibility so that you don't neglect your school work. Taking care of children is, however, a serious responsibility.


If you are academically a good student, tutoring younger students who need help in their school work is a great way to earn some extra cash. Just make sure you opt for those subjects that you are good at and interest you.

Paper Delivery Boy

This is one of the easiest job that can help you earn some money. A delivery boy has to deliver newspapers everyday to specified houses and locations. As easy as it sounds, right!

Lawn Mower

You can find this job in your neighborhood itself. There are a lot of people who hire others to mow their lawns and gardens. You can go around asking all your neighbors if they need such help.

Pharmacy Assistant

A person handling this responsibility has to look after the stock of medicines in the store. He has to work under the guidance of a pharmacist, besides handling customers and sales as and when needed.

Dog Walker

A student can get himself involved as a dog walker. Many people do not have time to exercise their dog. This would come as an opportunity for you to collect some money. But you should have the love for dogs and not do it purely as a chore.
Fast food centers are always ready to provide job opportunities to students. The job responsibility consists of taking orders, arranging tables, delivering food, and cleaning the tables.
Fast Food Clerk


This is a high-responsibility job. A lifeguard is an attendant employed at a beach or a pool to protect those swimming there from any kind of accident. Such a person has to be on alert always. You just need to be an expert swimmer yourself for a job like this.

Car Wash Assistant

Car centers are another place that provide job opportunities to young students. This job can be done as a part-time job. The person involved in such a job is required to take proper care of the car while washing it.
There are many jobs that can help you earn money, but one should be wise enough to pick up a job that would help him in future prospects, or at least something that is of interest to you. Getting a job at a young age will certainly teach you the 'ways of the real world'. Working and earning will also teach you the real value of money.