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Jobs for College Students with No Experience

Neha Joshi
Searching for jobs for college students with no experience? Well, you have reached the right place. We will tell you about the various jobs, that demand no experience, but offer a good pay. Sounds good? Read on and know more about them.
Though there are quite a few jobs for freshmen, it is important you choose something carefully, as this might just be your first experience. Prefer a job that helps your learn while you earn, and not just give you a monetary income.
Though it is advisable that you start working, while pursuing your academic career, it's never too late, really. Sometimes, personal commitments make it difficult for some to gain this early experience. In such cases, starting late is the pattern. Early or late, acquiring experience is vital. Like Henry Adams said, all experience is an arch, to build upon
Listed here are a few jobs for college students with no experience. Go through them and see what you like best! But before that, read through some prerequisites.
Searching should be forthwith, and while you are at it, remember, you have to make yourself sellable. Why would someone hire you? All your qualities, traits, and achievements need to reach the market, isn't it? Your resume would satisfy this purpose.
Draft a resume, also known as curriculum vitae, that explains your capabilities, and one that meets industry standards as well. Get this resume screened through someone you know who has prior experience in the same. At the same time, put this up on Internet job portals. You never know when an opportunity comes your way. Till then, hunt down one of these!

Common Jobs for People with No Experience


Whether it's a library or hospital, every place needs a receptionist, isn't it? Your duties will mostly include data entry and maintaining of records. Apart from this, there is nothing in particular that will judge your skills as such. Yes, this job won't pay you much for a start.
However, if you try for front desk or similar positions in big corporate companies, you just never know. A pleasant personality would be mandatory here.


A lot of businesses need assistants or secretaries today. These don't need any experience, and you can take them up even before you finish graduation. These are available in both, full-time and part-time categories, and you get paid well in both situations. All you need to do is check the daily newspaper for vacancies, or on online job portals.
Your interview will be normal, and won't include questions that judge your in-depth knowledge. It is considered that you are a freshman, taking this up as a learning opportunity.

Internet Jobs

Online jobs are considered the best bet for freshmen. These Internet jobs are not only available in bulk, but come with their own set of advantages. The best part is that they don't require you to travel to any place, nor spend long hours in office.
Be it data entry, or freelance writing, nothing really needs expertise as such, and certainly not experience. Even if you don't know anything about that particular field, you have high chances of landing up with work. As of today, these are considered the most lucrative jobs for college graduates with no experience.


Although commonly tagged as summer jobs for college students, these are indeed quite interesting. Without experience, it is unlikely that you would find something that is very fancy! So, be ready to do these kinds of jobs that pay average, but require you to do laborious work. But then, you don't have to invest much time as well.
The vacancies at these jobs are ample, so you don't have to wait much for getting hold of one. If you take up a job as a waiter in some fancy hotel for full-time, chances are you'll be earning more than regular restaurant and cafe waiters. Bartending is another great option in this sector, paying quite a bit.

Call Centers

There are so many students who take up these jobs even before they finish their graduation, since these also come under jobs without a college degree. The nature of work here, is completely different. Thus, training is completely provided on the job. 
The payments in this sector are simply awesome. Due to such huge salaries, these are also considered as good jobs for MBA graduates with no experience. You must be receptive to working in shifts though.


Sometimes, we really underestimate jobs that concern teaching. Starting a small tuition class is not only a lucrative job, but a well-paying career as well. If you slowly start increasing your number of students, this can be one of the best jobs to get your hands on.
By the time you finish college, you can teach all the subjects that are taught in school. The best part about this job is that you don't have to invest in anything. You can use your home as the teaching place, and/or go over to your students' homes. This again, can be a part-time or full-time project you take up!

Media Jobs

Some media jobs are again attainable even if you don't have experience. However, you need to have a clear understanding of the jobs that you can acquire, as most of them need tremendous academic backing and experience.
Assisting writers and reporters, working as a runner in the television industry, being a radio jockey, or even maintaining a blog for a newspaper can all be taken up. Here, you might not require experience, but you will surely need to have a truckload of talent, and patience to keep doing what you are.
Now that you know these jobs, you can take up one as soon as possible. Go online and check websites of companies such as CollegeRecruiter, Simply Hired and CollegeGrad daily, for latest job listings. Working with determination and dedication would not only determine your salary, but also your success.
Preferably, choose something that you have a little knowledge about, so that this experience becomes relevant. Last but not the least, stick to this job for a bare minimum of six months! Best of Luck!