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Educative and Profitable Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Charlie S
There you are, a fresher out of school and all set to enter junior year. It is your chance to fly and conquer the world, finding a job is just one step closer to fulfilling your goal. Here are some job opportunities you can try out.
One of the best ways to broaden your horizon and gain worthwhile experience is to find a suitable job. Besides, the pay will help you with your college fees and scholarships.
It is not just a way to stand tall on your feet but also a means to fend for yourself and support your family. Whether you choose to work for pleasure or are looking for opportunities to fill in the free time that you have, you have a plethora of options.

Weekend Jobs

As the name itself suggests, these jobs are specifically reserved for the weekends. The best part of these jobs is that, it gives you the entire week to concentrate on your studies and assignments, while working and having fun over the weekends. This includes:

Live Bands for Hotels

Music lovers can always find a decent job by forming a band and playing for hotels and restaurants. Major bucks here, this job is indeed a mix of pleasure and talent, and is perfect for teens.

Pet Sitter

If you are an animal lover, this is a fun way to get yourself a job. Care for your neighbor's pet on weekends when they are away from home. You can also offer to walk your neighbor's pet every weekend or daily as is convenient for you.


Imagine getting a good pay for the pleasures of life. If you are good at managing people and are an ace in swimming, you can choose to work as a lifeguard. Talk of sun, sand, and surf, it sure is one helluva of a job.

Food Vendor at the Stadium

Now this sounds fun. You get to see your favorite sport without paying for the entry pass. Quite the contrary, you will be paid for offering your services to the crowd that gathers there.

Day Jobs

we might as well say follow your heart's desire, work on whatever appeals to you. Try your hand at anything and everything that catches your fancy. Initially you might wander and wonder if you are on the right track but then you have age on your side and nothing to stop you from achieving your goals.
Let's just say everything you do will give you an experience worth talking about and yes, one that will look good on your resume as well.


All those supermarkets and malls can do with a little help from you. Though prior experience in this field will give you an edge over the others, it is not mandatory.

Sales Assistant

Why don't you try marketing products for a change? Head to the nearest retail store and ask for work. You will get paid to sell their product. Now ain't that good?

Garage Assistant

Take this as your cue, boys. Those good in mechanics can work in the garage and get a decent pay for it as well. The best part is that you can either work part-time or full-time as per your schedule.

Delivery Boy/Girl

30 minutes or free! As a delivery boy/girl, you need to be quick enough to reach your customers as fast as you can. For this you need to be aware of the locality. Besides, you will constantly be on the move and what's better than that.

Customer Care Services

If you know how to repair a gadget or are good at fixing problems related to computers and machines in general, you can opt for this job.

Newspaper Delivery

If you own a bike and know your locality well you can go in for delivering newspapers. You need to be an early riser for that, besides, you get a little bit of exercise in the bargain.

Team Member at a Fast Food Joint

Working at a fast food joint is a good way to start your career. All you got to do is inquire at the local fast food center.

Volunteer Jobs

Service to others is considered to be the highest service of them all. If not cash you will surely receive blessings from those you reach out to. What's important is, you would be the change that most of us seek but seldom find.

Service to Religious Institutions

Working for religious organizations has always brought peace and most importantly blessings. Offering to help with data entry and other relevant works is surely going to be appreciated.

Organizing Outreach Programs

Working with an NGO, you can learn how to work and cope with the nuances of life. From visiting the sick to reaching out to those unfortunate, these jobs are definitely meant for those who have a strong will power and determination to bring about change.

Working for the Environment

How about going green? We are speaking not just about caring for the environment but working in collaboration with others to make it a better place to live in. As a teen you are sure to be brimming with ideas to bring about a change, and the best way to do so is to offer your services, to make people aware of the needs of the environment.

Running Errands

Offer to help the ones, who for some reasons, cannot do their regular chores. Go grocery shopping for the elderly or better still offer to mow the lawn or shove the snow from the driveway. You won't get a letter to prove you have done the job but you are sure to bag loads of prayers and blessings.

Recreational Jobs

High-flying jobs is the key word here. Say adiĆ³s to those traditional jobs, instead take up something you are sure to enjoy. These jobs involve making use of your creativity and talent to the best of your ability.


If you are looking for a glamorous career and an attractive prospect, then this is the perfect job for you.
We admit, it is a bit tough to get into this field, nevertheless, there is no other job that's as lucrative as this.


Let your creativity flow with tempting cakes, pastries, cookies and baguettes. It can get tiring but if you love those baking gloves, you might as well use them productively.


Roll, camera and action! There, your love for the unknown can surely be fruitful, with this career. Theatrics, dramatics, or whatever it is that catches your fancy, this should work just fine for you.


If you have a steady hand at photography, you can become a sports photographer for a local magazine or newspaper. Get your camera then and start shooting.
There is absolutely no dearth when it comes to finding jobs. And if you have the will to work, then there surely will be a way to earn those extra bucks.