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Jobs That Pay Well for 13-Year s

Here, we suggest some fun jobs for 13-year-olds that pay well. Scroll down and take your pick...
Aastha Dogra
If you are a thirteen year old who is looking for suitable jobs, let's make it very clear that jobs at such a young age are not easy to get. There are certain laws which say that hiring children who have still not attained the age of fourteen is illegal.
However, this should not deter you from looking out for part-time jobs, as you can always make money by working for your neighbors, friends and family.

Good Paying Jobs for 13 Year Olds


If you love children and are apt at taking care of them, you can consider this job for teens. You can ask for remuneration on a per hour basis, while babysitting.
To make it even more well paying, you can set up a babysitting camp at your place during your summer vacations, wherein you baby-sit five to six children at the same time. Advertise it properly among your neighbors and extended family. You may even hire a friend of yours to help you out in this "mini-business".

Lemonade Stall

Set up a lemonade stall near a park or a beach or any place where people jog or exercise. Lemonade stall will do brisk business, if set at the right place. People generally look forward to drink something cool after exercising and if they are able to spot your stall when thirsty, then nothing like it.

Pet Sitting

One of the best summer jobs for 13-year-olds is pet sitting as during this time many families plan vacations, leaving their pets behind.
During holidays, people require and are willing to pay someone who can feed, walk and play with their pets in their absence. Search your neighborhood and you will surely find many such jobs. This job is perfect for those teens who are themselves pet owners and lovers!


You can make money by helping your neighbors in maintaining their lawn. You can offer to watering and pruning the plants, weeding as well as mowing their garden. You can offer these services to few of your neighbors and get paid handsomely in return.

Online Surveys

Take up online surveys. These surveys are conducted by companies or by market researchers on their behalf, to determine how the products/services of the company are faring among the consumers.
All you have to do is to register with them online, fill up a form and conduct survey for them. The best part is you do not require a credit card for carrying on this online job, making it the most sought after by all teens.


If you are someone who enjoys cooking and baking, then another lucrative money making idea for kids that you can use is to make and sell homemade cookies and cakes to your neighbors or family friends during weekends or on special occasions.

Household Services

You can offer your neighbors to do some sundry jobs for them in lieu of salary. For instance, if there is an old couple nearby, you can offer to get their groceries, medicines, etc. from the market.
You can offer to clean and vacuum your neighbor's house. Window cleaning, car washing, doing their laundry - there are numerous jobs needed to run a household. You can offer to help in these in return for a good salary.

Hobby Classes

During summer vacations, you can consider starting your own hobby classes at home for younger children in the neighborhood. For this you need to be skilled in any of the arts such as singing, painting, dancing, paper cutting, etc. So, if you have any of these talents, go ahead and start tuition classes for the same.

Article Writing

For those who have a way with words, writing articles on various subjects, on the Internet, is a good option. You can write on things like sports, beauty, travel or anything else you are interested in. Nowadays you can expect to earn anywhere up to twenty dollars per article. With millions of websites on the Internet, there is no dearth of such jobs today.
These jobs offer you ample opportunities to earn those extra bucks that you need for buying a new game or gadget. In the end, you should choose a job according to your tastes and talent, give it your best shot and the money will follow!