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Jobs for 13 Year Old Boys

Aastha Dogra
Want to earn some quick bucks for going to a weekend trip with your friends or buying those amazing sneakers you saw last week in a showroom? Scroll down for some easy-to-do and reasonably well-paid jobs for 13 year old boys.
Teens today understand the importance of making money and are willing to put in an extra effort for the same. They have a list of priorities - they want to buy clothes, accessories, gadgets, and other things of their choice, but do not like the idea of asking money from their parents.
Due to these very reasons, they want to start working as soon as possible. However, due to certain restrictions posed by law, jobs for boys and girls are hard to get by. This should not deter the teens from making money though. How? By doing certain recommended jobs for 13 year old boys.


For boys who love to take care of pets, a good way to earn some bucks is by offering your pet-sitting services to neighbors and family friends.
So, you can walk the dog, feed the pet, keep it when the family is out on a vacation, bathe and groom it, there are a number of things that you can do and earn some good money.


Mowing the lawn, weeding, watering the plants, cleaning the backyard, this is the kind of work that most guys can do easily.
Many people would be more than happy to pay you if you do these for them on a weekly basis.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is easiest ways for teenagers to make money. These surveys, conducted by market research companies to check what the consumers have to say about a particular product or service offering.
For this, you do not need a credit card, however, these days, there are many frauds online who cheat people. So, have an adult, your parents, or elder siblings check out the website before you start working for them.


Couples, where both the husband and the wife are engaged in work that demand long hours, would be willing to pay you a lot if you do some cleaning chores, such as car washing, window cleaning, vacuuming the house interiors, doing their laundry, etc., for them.
You can offer to do these for them on Sundays, in case you are unable to fit them with your school schedule.

Delivering Things

If you have a cycle and can retain the addresses, roads and names of people around your neighborhood, then one of the best work that you can take up is to become a delivery boy. If you can wake up early morning, you can deliver newspapers.
If there are departmental stores or restaurants in your area, you can check with them whether they need people to deliver things/food items for them. These are very easy to do and pretty well paid too.

Online Selling

Although selling things on websites such as eBay requires you to be a credit card holder, yet if an elder in the family with a credit card can sell items on your behalf, you can start this mini business. Start with selling your old books, toys, clothes, shoes, etc., which are still in good condition.
With the money that you get, purchase second-hand stuff from your friends or from second hand stores at a cheaper rate and sell it online with a profit. If you are good at painting or any other craft, like jewelry making, you can sell your own homemade stuff online too.


For teens who have a gift of language and can write on a variety of topics, they can start writing articles for kids' magazine or a website on the Internet, which caters to teens and children. Search for such content writing work online and get paid per article wise.


If you are good at academics, you can offer to teach children who are younger to you. Many parents will be willing to pay you if you help their kids with their homework and assignments. For those who are good at some art, be it dancing or painting, or even sports, they can start taking hobby classes, on weekends, after school hours or during vacations.
As is said, where there is a will, there is a way, similarly, there is no dearth of jobs for 13 year olds. The only thing is that you have to search for them around you as well as on the Internet. In the end, to earn well, choose a work of your choice, and do it with all your devotion, without disturbing your school schedule of course!