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Job Searching Tips

Arjun Kulkarni
Are you looking for that dream job? Here are some job hunting tips and strategies that will help you land the job which you always wanted!
After the crippling recession that hit the world sometime back, the economies have just about started recuperating. So in these tough times, where the demand for jobs is high, but the supply is still very low, how do you find the job that is best suited to your skills and aspirations? Some of the tips provided here may help you in your search.

Build Your Resume

Basic marketing will tell you that a product does not sell without a good catchy ad. The resume is like a personal advertisement of yourself and learning how to design your resume is one of the most important aspects. If you build a good resume, with emphasis on the right words, then the interview calls will start coming in more frequently.
It is important to have a strong objective statement. Talk about your skills, achievements, strengths, etc. Use a proper layout to make your resume look professional and neatly presented. It is recommended to update your resume as per the type of role and company applied for.

Online Job Search

Internet has made information a lot more accessible. Now, you can look for jobs on various online recruitment websites. There are quite a few websites devoted to recruiting for certain industries, like heavy engineering industry, finance, and marketing.
So, you could register yourself with some of these websites. They provide the option of sending you a text message, when a vacancy is available in the field you're looking for. The websites of most companies have a link to the career opportunities available with them. You could also submit your job application there.

Social Networking

It may be a good idea to look for jobs on social networking websites e.g. Linkedin.
They often have job hunting groups and advertisements of recruiting companies. You should brush up your social networking profile to something mature, if it isn't already. Recruiters try to find out as much as they can about a candidate and do scan the social profile in the process.


Blogging is an excellent way to get people to know about you. But it is important not to be juvenile in your blog. It can be a ready-made record of your work for the recruiters (or the rest of the world for that matter) to see. So keep your blog professional and relevant to your work.


It is always good to keep in touch with headhunters and recruiting agencies, as they know the pulse of the market and can contact you as soon as there are job openings in the industries where you would like to work. Send your resume to a few of these firms and they will help you get a job quickly.

Update Your Skills

If you are currently unemployed, it may be a good idea to invest your time in skills which you think will be relevant for you to get a job. Understand what skills companies are looking for, and if you do not have them, learn them in your free time. You could look for a part-time or online job as you update your skills.

Widen Your Scope

In times like these, where opportunities are few and far between, it is important that you are able to adapt quickly. Sometimes, there may be a good vacancy in another location.
So, you should be prepared to take up that opportunity as well. It is advised not to restrict your search options. Be open and willing to experiment with something new, rather than waiting for the exact profile that you are looking for.

State Agency

The last and most obvious way is to apply to the state workforce agency in you area. They are a great collaboration point for prospective employees and businesses.
These job search techniques will surely help you find the job which you are looking for. If you know that you are going to get the sack from your company, it may be a good idea to go job hunting, while you are still employed, so that you have an ace up your sleeve.