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Job Interview Dress Code

Bidisha Mukherjee
While you are preparing for a job interview, it is also important to pay adequate attention to your attire. Read on to know more about the correct dress code for an interview.
We all know that right set of skills, experience and attitude is a must to achieve success in a job interview. However, attire is equally important as it speaks volumes about you and your attitude.
The choice of your clothes is the reflection of your personality. The first impression that you make on your future employer's mind will also depend on your attire.

How to Dress for a Job Interview

There are some vital points that you need to keep in mind while selecting a job interview attire. If you are going for an interview in a formal industry like law or banking, wearing a suit and tie is a must.
Even if you are going for an interview in a company where casual clothes are allowed, you should not attend the interview wearing a pair of jeans with sneakers. Once you are selected for the job you can attend your office in casual wear every day, but not on the day of interview.
The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind is that both your clothes and the shoes must fit you properly. If you do not feel at ease with your clothes or shoes, then it is likely that you feel restless during the interview. Such discomforts are easily noticeable and may give an impression of lack of self-confidence.
Try to choose clothes from your own wardrobe. If you do borrow something, first check whether it fits you well or not. Do not purchase a new set of clothes one day prior to the interview, because you may not have enough time to try them out. As a result, when you wear them for the interview, it may look like the clothes belong to someone else.
This is applicable for your shoes as well. A new pair of shoes can hurt your feet, and may become so painful that you will not be able to focus on the interview. Your shoes should be cleaned and polished, and also make sure they do not have any scuff marks. One more point to keep in mind is that, your shoes should not reek!

Dress Code for an Interview

Neatly trimmed hair and beards, a well-tailored formal, clean, ironed suit in black or dark gray color and a polished pair of shoes is the most appropriate attire.
Remember, the tie should match with your suit, and the color of the belt and the shoes should also match. It helps earn a sense of professional respect.
Women should wear conservative suit with well-matched blouse. Their hairstyle and nails should be neatly done. Avoid chipped nail paint or over the top hairdo. They should apply only a slight touch of makeup and wear limited jewelry. Both men and women should avoid any strong perfume or cologne as the interviewer may get overpowered with its strong smell.
Some people have the habit of looking at the watch over and over again. If you are one of them, then it will be better if you keep your watch in your pocket during the time of interview. Otherwise, your interviewer may feel that you are in a hurry.
Do not use any old worn out folders to carry your resume and other essential documents. Keep them in an organized way inside a briefcase or folder. Also make sure that if you are using a folder, you should opt for one that looks professional, and is devoid of blings and other embellishments.
If you take these vital points into account while dressing up for an interview, be sure of getting the professional look required for any kind of job interview.