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Job Description of a Barista

Shalu Bhatti
A barista is the face of a coffee joint. A specialist who knows everything about the drinks served, the quality standards expected, and the way the customers want to be served. A barista is one designation but many roles. Let's discuss the job description of a barista, and the skills that are needed to fit the part.

Did You Know?

The word 'Barista' is an Italian word used to address bartenders. However, generally, a skilled person who prepares and serves coffee drinks that are espresso-based, is known as a barista.
The mere mention of this word crops up images of those tempting steamy/chilled, artsy-looking and immaculately served coffee drinks, the smell of which is enough to get you craving of caffeine.
This person (if good with the job) is more like an artist who creates a divine drink with delicateness, love, and garnishes the drink with soft and luring designs to make it appear irresistible! He/she is trained and gifted to bring in the right balance of everything that justifies the standards of the drink, with a magical touch.
Have you ever noticed how this professional handles the cup? With so much love, tenderness, and care, as if handling a piece of art? Well, a piece of art it is indeed!
We all have visited innumerable coffee shops, or other places including bars and restaurants that have a coffee (and tea) corner. If you know what it is to be a regular at this one particular joint, you would know how a barista becomes synonymous with the name of the joint.
With time, this person becomes your friend, and it feels like you're visiting his/her place while he/she brings in your favorite drink with a cheerful smile and a friendly welcome. As easy and relaxing as it may seem to fulfill the duties of a barista, this job is not as comfortable as it may seem.


Technically, this job holder would need to be the brand ambassador/caretaker of the place, who through his skills, positivity, and friendliness gives customers hundred percent satisfaction when it comes to customer service. Most employers provide a list consisting of the tasks and duties to be performed.
The following points enlist the duties and responsibilities of an ideal barista.
● Greet and welcome the customers with a friendly smile.
● Help the customer choose the order if they need help.

● Make recommendations and/or educate them about the offers and new options available.
● Ensure quick and efficient service―including billing through POS and change delivery―without making the customers wait for long.

● Prepare, serve, pack, and present the orders immaculately, as per company guidelines.
● Follow the recipes and guidelines to prepare coffee, smoothies, and other eatables and drinks mentioned in the menu.

● Receive and greet the callers politely, and help them place orders on the phone.

● Build rapport with the customers, especially the frequent ones, by remembering their names and order preferences.
● Resolve customer complaints with courtesy and politeness; report to the manager if need be.
● Ensure cleanliness of the facility, including bar area, floor, windows, tables, chairs, restrooms, grinder, juicing and other equipment.

● Organize, stock, and maintain the availability of the goods to be served.

● Keep an account of the cash, coins, and payment receipts at the end of the shift.
● Think of ways to retain customer loyalty, increase sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

● Report problems pertaining to workplace safety, operational inconsistencies, and other relevant issues to the manager.


You really need to be a warm person at heart. Someone who loves to interact with people and build rapport with them. The whole idea of hiring a barista is to make customers sip their coffee with a personal warmth, and it is this personal warmth that will make a customer want to come to the place over and over again.
The bottom line is that the visitors should have no reason at all to not visit again, be it late service or unclean restrooms. Listed here are the skills that any employer would look for while hiring a barista.
● Excellent communication skills
● Interest in culinary and serving skills

● Respect for punctuality, professionalism, and discipline

● Ability to multitask

● Ability to work under pressure
● Ability to work in teams

● Ability to handle conflicts

● Ability to build relationships
● Ability to lift weights up to 40 lbs and stand for long hours

● Ability to learn and implement quickly

● Positive outlook towards people and work
This job is great for those who wish to enter into the hospitality industry as there are no specific requirements when it comes to experience and educational qualifications. This is the reason why many first-time job seekers look for this profession as a stepping stone to acquiring the skills that will help them in the long run.
Not only this, because the timings of this job are flexible, many applicants include those who already have a job and are willing to take up a second job as a barista. However, at times, one may have to work for additional days/hours depending upon the requirement of the employer.
According to a publication by the Small Business Development Center National Information Clearinghouse, 77 percent of American adults consume coffee every day. Out of them, 66 percent tend to buy coffee that is brewed outside their homes.
This just shows that the job outlook of this profession is very promising as the love for coffee is not going to fade with time, for sure. Plus, it is a great way to meet new people while serving them the best anti-stress concoction ever―a perfect cup of coffee!