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Employment Avenues for High School Students

There are a variety of employment options for high school students looking to make some money along with their studies.
Saptakee Sengupta
Studying and working simultaneously would indeed be fun, as it will break the monotony of daily chores like attending lectures, doing homework, and self-studies. Moreover, when you have an earning opportunity, you can easily fulfill the demands and desires which every teenager usually has.
Browsing the newspaper and online job listings will definitely help kick-start your quest to find that perfect opportunity. Once you shortlist a few openings, you can apply directly on the company websites, walk in for an interview, or send your resume based on the interview process mentioned in the advertisement.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs usually require 4-5 hours of work on a daily basis. The pay is comparatively less than a full-time job, but they provide learning opportunities and instill confidence in the youth. Here are a few of the options:
  • Restaurant delivery service is a popular option for students. You can also take up a job of a waiter.
  • Delivering newspapers at a particular locality early in the morning could be interesting. The employer will pay you on weekly or monthly basis.
  • Assisting people in renovating their gardens or cleaning backyards is another option.
  • Utilize your time teaching nursery students and taking tuition classes. You can also become a part-time art and crafts teacher or teach kids to sing and dance.
  • Work with a nonprofit organization as a community worker where you can develop your planning and leadership skills.

Full-Time Jobs

During summer season, you tend to spend your vacation lazily. Utilize your holidays by taking up a creative activity and earn money at the same time. Mentioned here are a few of the options: 
  • Manage customers at retail outlets, departmental stores, or malls.
  • Babysitting during the summer holidays is a good option for girls. Look for families in your neighborhood who are in need of babysitters.
  • Join a media house offering online work. You can check out the sites that invite talented students to exhibit their skills.
  • Work at a library. You will gain immense knowledge on a wide range of subjects while working as a librarian.
  • If you care for the environment, working at a national park during the summers could be of interest to you.
From the aforesaid job opportunities, you can choose a field that would be most suitable to your skills and interests. It will introduce you to the real world out there and help you hone your skills. It may also help you find your dream career. All the best!