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IT Careers in Demand

Kundan Pandey
With the hope that the economy would recover soon, several IT careers are in demand that promise growth and job satisfaction to those interested in the IT field.
One of the worst hit sectors due to the harsh economy was the information technology sector. Recruitment in technical institutes (in Asian countries and the US) plummeted drastically, and those armed with engineering, computer science, and other similar degrees had to face a tough time getting a decent job.
With the situation much better, there has been a surge of several IT careers.

Top IT Careers in Demand

Software Engineers

With a bachelor's degree in computer science and deep interest in programming, one can get a lateral entry into this career. For a senior position in the programming field, one requires a master's degree.
Just studying computer science is not enough. One must have a flair for programming and must be good at coding, application modules, and locating errors in coding programs. In the initial years, the pay scale for junior software engineers would be between USD 59,500 to USD 131,830, though it may vary depending on several factors.

Database Administrator

Maintaining and managing databases of firms and business enterprises has led to the development of database administrator careers. Database administrators are known as DBAs, and they design databases, conduct security checks, implement database designs, and are actively involved in safeguarding the threat to a firm's data security.
A bachelor's degree in computer science is necessary. In case of certifications and other diplomas, relevant years of work experience is important. The yearly income of database administrators is about USD 40,000 to USD 110,000.

System Administrator

Good technical skills, a knowledge about Local Area Networks (LANs), and awareness about the integration of software and hardware with the entire network system are some of the tasks of a system administrator.
System administrators must have good knowledge about Linux, Windows, and several OSes and must maintain and upgrade computer systems, hardware, and software, if required. It helps to be aware of information infrastructure design in IT and to understand intricacies of computer systems. System administrator can earn anywhere between USD 40,300 to USD 86,600.

Web Developers

Web developing and web designing are some of the top careers in demand. The need for skilled web designers and web developers has grown since the last ten years.
Every firm or e-commerce website on the Internet has been developed by web developers and this field has expanded significantly. Knowledge of XML, HTML, and other programming languages is essential to know more about web designing. A web designer can earn anything between USD 30,200 to USD 79,600, while a web developer earns between USD 36,600 to USD 87,500.

IT Consulting Jobs

With business enterprises entering manufacturing and development areas, need for expert researchers to chalk a strategy for them, to make intelligent decisions, analyze requirements, and work for improvement services for the firm has increased.
By handing your projects to an expert IT team, you can focus your attention to the other departments of your firm. IT consulting jobs have become one of the most sought after careers by professionals who have years of work experience.
The annual income of IT consultants depend on several factors, mostly work experience. Salaries are very high in case you're a senior consultant. Freshers can expect to earn around USD 65,000 as the base salary. With work experience (and high educational degrees), they can even earn around USD 96,920.
A career in information technology is rewarding and is certainly an opportunity to make money. Even in the IT marketing field, there are several opportunities to work. If an individual has interest in this area, he can certainly make a good career. Do what you love and success will eventually be yours.