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IT Business Analyst Job Description

Charlie S
IT business analysts play a crucial role in the development and expansion of an organization in today's competitive business environment. Let us try to understand their job description.
The information technology sector is booming these days and hence, jobs are being created in huge numbers. The biggest beneficiary of this growth are the technical graduates, majoring in computer science, information technology and business management in IT.
One of the most promising jobs these days is that of an IT business analyst. Candidates wishing to make a mark in this career should be completely aware of the job description of such a profile. Let's have a peek at it.

IT Business Analyst Duties

  • The main task of an IT business analyst is to discuss the vision of the project with the people interested in it.
  • At every stage he must try to understand the needs of the project stakeholders, and work accordingly to satisfy them with appropriate solutions.
  • The project stakeholders might get confused if the business analyst uses complex technical language to explain things. So, the challenge before these analysts is to simplify things for better understanding and interpretation of the clients.
  • The most important responsibility is to improve its efficiency in operations and overall performance.
  • He/She is responsible for developing information systems that will be extremely useful for taking the business of a company to an altogether different level.
  • Experienced and talented IT business analysts are aware of the changing technology in the field of IT or computers, and they have the challenge of adapting to these changes and using them to improve the productivity of their organization.
  • Strategy making and implementation are the key duties of any IT business analyst.
From this job description, it is clear that these people must be good at multi-tasking and be highly qualified to deal with the growing challenges in the field. So, top-notch companies generally prefer to hire people with a technical background and business management degrees with a specialization in information technology.
Graduation degrees in the fields of IT, computer science can fetch you jobs as a business analyst. For this position, you also need to have excellent people management skills, communication skills, language abilities, mathematical and computing skills, and basic to advanced computer knowledge.

Salary of an IT Business Analyst

The salary largely depends on the educational qualifications, experience, skills, type of employer and place of job. Here are some vital observations regarding the salaries of IT business analysts:
  • Candidates from premier universities get a higher pay package as compared to those passing out from ordinary universities.
  • Salaries offered to post-graduates are higher than those offered to graduates.
  • Multinational IT giants are main employers of these professionals and pay them much higher as compared to domestic IT firms.
  • Salaries of people with enough experience can be more than double as compared to that of freshmen.
  • Salaries are higher at metropolitan locations as compared to those in smaller cities
The average IT business analyst salary has been pegged at $68,000 per year by many job market analysts. However, the salaries can be between $46,000 to $82,000 in the initial years of employment.
Those employed in top firms and having an experience of more than eight years can draw a $110,000+ salary. Perks and bonuses vary from organization to organization. For becoming successful as an IT business analyst, you need to start your preparations from high school itself. So, work hard for a great future and reap the benefits. Best of luck!