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Is a Social Work Degree Worth It?

Shashank Nakate
A social work degree can help in getting jobs in many different fields. Pursuing a social work degree is worth owing to the opportunities you get in different fields.
It is a common belief that social work degrees are worthless and do not pay off in terms of remuneration. The remuneration or income that one can expect after completing a social work degree is lesser than that of most other jobs.
It is not the field through which one could expect high income. There are many different jobs that one can undertake if you have a degree in social work. So, is a social work degree worth it? Let us get into the details of this topic through details of career opportunities in field of social work.

Usefulness of Social Work Degree

The areas in which candidates with a social work degree can make a career include schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals government facilities, mental health institutions, private clinics, etc.
A master's degree should increase the chances of getting a job even more. The list of social work major careers presented here should prove to be helpful for the readers. This information should motivate you in becoming a social worker and building a successful career in this field.

School Social Worker

They counsel students and act as a communication link between students and teachers/parents. Evaluating the special needs of students is one of the important tasks handled by school social workers.
Children, in most cases, are unable to express themselves properly; putting forth their needs, demands and ideas before parents and especially teachers becomes difficult for them. This is where the school social workers come into action.
It requires a lot of study and a candidate with empathetic nature to understand what and how children think. It is therefore a great job for candidates with a social work degree.

Prison Social Worker

The different activities associated with counseling and treatment of prisoners is the main job of a prison social worker. Interviewing the prisoners and identifying their problems also is one of the important jobs handled by these professionals.
Processing of security classification sheets of prisoners for determining their custody levels is done by the prison social workers. Determining the progress made by prisoners during a treatment program also is an important job of these professionals. A prison social worker should possess the necessary skills to offer counseling to individuals and groups.


You must have a doctorate or at least a master's degree. The subjects that need to be handled are: social policies, social administration, human welfare and behavior, etc.
Overseeing the work of conducting examinations, assigning grades, and other such tasks need to be carried out on a regular basis. Research work is an important part of the job profile. Publishing papers based on new findings in journals is an important part of the work of these professors.

Hospice Worker

A certified medical social worker can work in this field. They care for patients and assess how to attain speedy progress. They help patients to carry out tasks related to Medicaid paperwork, insurance, Medicare, etc.
An in-depth knowledge of working with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds also is necessary for hospice workers. Grief counseling is an important part of the job profile of hospice workers; these professionals also provide assistance in funeral planning.

Hospital Jobs

A social worker from the field of medicine can benefit from the experienced obtained while working with patients at hospitals. Discharge planning is an important task assigned to medical social workers.
The different places in which medical social workers can work are as follows: hospitals, personal care facilities, nursing homes, government agencies, etc. An aftercare plan should be prepared for families of patients to understand the different tasks after discharge.
A public health social worker has the main job of identifying social problems responsible for health issues; these professionals generally work for government agencies.
A degree in social work is not at all worthless given that you proceed in the right direction and work sincerely. As stated earlier, securing high paying jobs is difficult with this degree. However, all these social work careers should definitely give you job satisfaction, which is increasingly difficult to find these days.