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Internist Salary

Kundan Pandey
Not only a six-figure salary attracts medical students towards pursuing a career as 'Internist' but also the immense growth opportunities it provides. Internists work closely with general medical practitioners. Read more to know all about this career option.
In the medical field, specialized doctors are always in great demand and have better employment opportunities. Among such profiles, an internist is a one that promises excellent career opportunities for medical students.

Job Description

Internists are the primary care physicians who work as general practitioners in healthcare units. They focus on the overall health of an individual. They are specially trained for dealing with problems in internal organs like heart, lungs, stomach, liver, and intestines.
No wonder the skills and training required for this profession is immense. A career in this field has various rewards, including monetary benefits, and at the same time, you get tremendous job satisfaction, as you help patients deal with serious diseases.

Average Salary

Similar to other medical jobs such as neurosurgeons and GPs, internists command high salaries. Some factors such as an individual's work experience, educational qualifications and location of the employer play a key role in deciding the salary.

Salary Based on Work Experience

When you analyze various medical jobs, salaries in the first year of work generally range between USD 41,000 to USD 89,000.  But, for internists, even the starting salary is very decent.
Internists with 1 to 9 years of work experience can earn around  US$176,000 on an average as a salary. After some 10 years and above experience, the salary is at its peak and the scope of earning hovers over about US$ 192,000 on an average. The ones with over 20 years of experience may fetch about $187,000 on an average as a salary.

Based on Working City/State

Salaries in every profession are dependent on the working location, because the cost of living in a city affects the earning potential. According to research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in states like South Dakota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Mexico and Alabama, the salary is highest.
The growth opportunities in this field are expected to increase considerably by 2026. However, with various types of health reforms and legislation, one can't exactly predict the growth of a certain medical field. The career development path is steady and one can gradually climb up the ladder and work in collaboration with senior doctors and surgeons.
Nonetheless, almost 7-10 years of rigorous education, combined with medical training is necessary to become an internist. Years of perseverance and dedication are reciprocated with high salaries. The earning potential is definitely lucrative and aspirants interested in this field have wonderful career opportunities and excellent job growth.