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What is International Travel Nursing?

Veethi Telang
Want to practice nursing outside the confines of the country. International travel nursing is a field in medicine on an international level giving the chance to explore foreign avenues.
A job which requires a nurse to travel afield to seek opportunities which may not necessarily fulfill a financial satisfaction. Money to be earned depends on the location of employment which varies, yet promises the myriad cultural appetite to be savored.

What is the Job Like?

The job of a travel nurse is similar of an ordinary nurse. However, the only difference is that this field involves nurses employed by a travel nursing agency going abroad on long-term assignments, where they might have to provide additional services, in accordance with the patient's present conditions.
They monitor a patient's vital signs such as his pulse readings, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc. Not only do they collect blood and urine samples of their patients, they also give them the necessary advice regarding pathological tests and healthcare.
Travel nurses are also in charge of the insurance document tasks, wherein, they are required to deal with the billing section of the physician they are assisting.
They diagnose patients, and recommend them CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs, if needed. In order to have a career as an international travel nurse, an applicant is required to have an associate's degree in nursing, or any specialty of medicine he or she is interested in.
Along with that, effective written and verbal communication skills, and good logistic reasoning are a must-have. Good reading comprehension, and the ability of problem solving always acts in favor. And most importantly, an applicant who is willing to travel to different locations of the world is the most appropriate candidate for the job.
Going to a different country and experiencing an all new world of nursing, wherein, not only do you taste success, but you also learn to use new technology that might not be available in your own country. Visit exciting locations that you had just heard about (or just Googled about on the web).
Work with prestigious medical professionals, and advancing your career and boosting your credentials. Step up foreign alliances serving as a liberating pedestal from a life of monotony. Along with the large amount of money to be made, accommodations taken care off, insurance to be covered, having career as an international travel nurse is plenty lucrative.
Jobs in international travel nursing are in high demand all over the world, regardless of the specialty in medicine. There are many reputed hospitals and medical institutions who prefer just one year of nursing experience, along with a good know-how of the professional concept, equipment usage, and patient care.

What is the Salary Like?

Many nurses prefer working in local hospitals and clinics, while travel nurses serve in different countries in order to advance their careers. So obviously, the average salary package is a little above 'average'. Along with an increased salary package, they get additional housing subsidy too.
What's more, if it is a fairly long-term assignment, the pay scale is set in accordance with the cost of living of the area they are going to be serving in. The average assignment duration is 8-13 weeks. The salary figures really depend on the area, the medical institution, and the kind of patient the nurse is working for.
It is highly essential to be good at financial planning and negotiation, so that it isn't a problem to deal with the companies and recruiters after the assignment is completed. If the assignment is long-term, many travel nurses receive a bonus for their work, and earn favorable number of leaves too. The salary range may go up to $75,000.

What are the Career Prospects Like?

Shortage of resident nurses have given endless opportunities to international travel nurses to travel abroad and gain experience with each job assignment. Healthcare's largest industry, hospitals, require more and more nurses for every patient, and that's where the job of a travel nurse gains significance.
For special cases, where surgeries have to be done the same day, chemotherapy has to be rapidly followed, and rehabilitation is to be done at the earliest, nurses who can travel abroad without much of an issue are very much in demand.
All in all, for those willing to deal with all kinds of patients and work in all kinds of environment, career prospects are excellent, and job opportunities are increasing rapidly. A vocational factor which underlies the need for traveling is delightful.
International travel nursing is a fantastic career opportunity for those who want to make money while seeing the world. The job isn't too tiresome either; wouldn't it be great if you just had to serve patients for a few hours everyday, while your institution is not only taking care of your lifestyle, but is also offering you amenities at a leisured expense.