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Interior Designer Job Description

Charlie S

To succeed as an interior designer, you need to be creative and also have good management and communication skills.
As an interior designer, you get an opportunity to use your creativity and create beautiful and magnificent residential as well as commercial spaces.
Though there are some schools that offer courses based on interior designing, you will learn the basics of this art, only if you work practically on different projects. However, before entering this field, it is important for the interested candidates to have a good knowledge of the job profile.

What an Interior Designer does?

  • An interior designer works in close association with the builders and contractors in making the maximum usage of the available space, and making it look good by creative implementations.
  • Being in constant touch with the client, he comes up with probable designs that may suit the fancy of the client.
  • Getting these designs approved and materialized is the main aspect of this job.
  • He decides what kind of furniture and accessories will be used in the given space.
  • He also decides the type of material to be used as per the budget.
  • Planning and buying all the material to be used is the next step.
  • Overseeing the work done is another important responsibility.
  • Using his expertise and training, he sees the entire project through to make sure that, what the client wants is delivered to him.

How to get this Job?

You can enter and make a mark for yourself in this field, if you have talent and ability to think in an innovative way. Doing a course from a reputed school is a way of getting yourself started. After your diploma or degree course is over, you can apply for a position in various firms.
Initially, you will have to work as a junior interior designer, and then with sufficient experience, you can gain senior level positions. There are many people who grab top jobs in this field, even without a degree.
Hard work, creativity, consistency in performance, and communication skills are a must to make a mark in this arena. Creating a portfolio, which will include all the projects that you have undertaken will also help.

What is the Salary?

The salary in urban areas is more as compared to the country and other geographies. Mean annual wage in May 2019 was $53,000 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
So, it differs according to the geography. The top ten percent of the people employed in this sector earned more than $61,780 annually in 2019.

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Besides working for a firm, you can also start your own firm and earn well by increasing your client base.