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Interesting Jobs That Pay Well

Rahul Thadani
Certain jobs may or may not be conventional by any means, but may be highly satisfying and lucrative. Here, you will find some interesting jobs that pay well.
Choosing the right career path for yourself is not an easy decision by any means, and almost everyone you know will be on the lookout for something more captivating. There are many strange and novel career opportunities to pick from, and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that a lot of them have very lucrative employment prospects as well.

The Necessity

► There are many people who cannot be satisfied with the career development prospects in the proverbial, run of the mill '9 to 5' desk job, and for such people, something exciting and adventurous awaits.

► For some reason or the other, they cannot fit into the typical corporate stereotype, and a different kind of challenge is what will drive them on.
► Each professional field that you look at will hold some kind of appeal to you, but to experience something extraordinary, you have to look beyond the obvious and find some strange jobs that pay well.

List of Interesting Jobs That Pay Well

Here are some options for you that are worth exploring. Note that we aren't going to give you in depth analysis of each of these highest paying jobs and qualifications you'll need. You must use this information as a stepping stone towards something that truly attracts your attention, and this will require some careful study and analysis of the job you like.

Airplane Repossessor

You will be doing exactly what an automobile repossessor does, but only for planes. People who default on their payments will be visited by you, and have their planes whisked away.

Air Traffic Controller

If you like planes but do not wish to fly them yourself, you can be the person who manages the towers at airports and ensures that none of the planes collide into each other while landing and taking off.

Bounty Hunter

This is a rather dangerous job, but one that pays well. You will have to track down people who pay for bail but disappear, and needless to say, they will not come back with you willingly.

Celebrity Personal Shopper

If you like fashion and the high life, then this job will give you access to the best fashion outlets in the world. On the other hand, celebrities are notorious for being extremely difficult to deal with.

Ethical Hacker

You will carry out hacking of computer security systems in order to find holes and flaws in these systems, so that they can be fixed and protected from dangerous hackers and real security threats.


You will be working for a high-end restaurant or a five-star hotel, or you will work on a contractual basis. Your job will be to taste certain food products and beverages and ensure that they are up to high standards.

Forensic Dentist

You will be aiding law enforcement agencies to find criminals and determining the identity of deceased individuals.


You will specialize in predicting future trends and inventions in a variety of industries and markets. There are companies that are willing to pay big bucks for such information.

Submarine Cook

This is an extremely severe and taxing job, which is why it pays very well. You will be underwater for months at a stretch, and if you love this kind of adventure, you will absolutely love this job.
This list is merely the tip of the iceberg, because there are many more great and interesting jobs that can provide you with an assured and comfortable future. Moreover, the pleasure and job satisfaction that you derive from such jobs is very high, and this is something that is truly priceless.