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Interesting Career Choices to Make

Mukta Gaikwad
With a desperate need for alternative professions, many are turning towards jobs that never seemed like lucrative options. Here's take a look at some of the interesting careers of current times...
For a long time, careers have been constricted to the conventional. Being a doctor, an engineer, medical jobs, teaching jobs, and cliched variations of these became possible professions for many. However, with a growing eye for art and greater understanding of life skills, there is a substantial increase in different types of jobs.
Today, career choices are made more deliberately than succumbing to peer/parental pressure. Thus, aspiring professionals can express themselves through their nature of work and set renewed and higher standards of job satisfaction. This thinking has given Generation Y a wide range of interesting careers that brings the world closer to art and its expression.

Social Worker

Though searching for interesting careers makes a statement about broader mindsets, many people live in the reality of deprivation. Rehabilitation and reformation of this world is an opportunity for those who seek to reach out to people for fulfilling a greater cause.
With a degree in any discipline, one can join a plethora of organizations that aim to bring about a change in the society for good. You can choose your forte of social work and strive to make a difference to a cause that is close to your heart. A career cannot get any more remunerative than this!

Forms of Art

Dance, music, painting, sculpting and many such forms of art are becoming biggest career options for those who excel it. As more and more people seek ways of expressing themselves and learning new skills, they look out for a trustworthy guidance.
If you can be a guiding light for such students, a career awaits you. Whether it is moving to the rhythm of a song or making strokes to paint a picture worth a thousand words, there is whole new world out there that is looking for someone to hold their hand teach them to convey their emotions. So if you have it in you to be a bankable teacher, go for it!

Personal Stylist

Fashion trends may die, but a style remains eternal. Not many understand this, which makes them fall for every fall winter collection. However, if you can define style with your choice of clothes, accessories and shoes then turn it into a business opportunity.
The job of a personal stylist is to style models, celebrities and work closely with the fashion industry. Many corporate professionals, too, demand personal stylists as they do not have time to style their own wardrobes.
This job can be done on a freelance basis or as a full-time employee. To make the most out of it, start your own blog and be a fashion consultant to give a fashion image to those who do not know much about staying stylish. So, basically get paid to shop, till you drop!


Careers in photography have always been associated with photojournalism and fashion photography.
But, with a rise in lifestyle magazines that cater to a niche sectors and wildlife magazines that strive to create awareness amongst its readers, aspiring photographers have struck a gold mine. Capturing a moment to bring out the truth in the exact way, without any mutations, is no easy task.
So, if you have the ability to focus your best through the lens of your camera, give it a shot to make this option your career. Again, if you are someone who seeks thrill, then photojournalism is also a rewarding career, as it demands a photographer to be at ground zero and report the reality in its raw form.


A foodie knows the power of delicious food. No one can deny good food. It arouses your senses, soothes them and lifts your spirits like none other. For those who want to concoct irresistible culinary delights, a chef is an excellent career option.
Besides culinary skills, a chef has to oversee daily operations of a kitchen and manage men and material to run the show successfully. Designing menus, creating novel recipes, and working under great pressure are a few more duties of a chef.
A career becomes interesting if it is pursued with all your heart. Putting in your honest effort and giving it all that you have will make any rudimentary job seem like an unconventional one. A job provides you with an opportunity to learn something new each day and challenges you to do better than what you did yesterday.
To get paid for doing what you love, make your hobby your career. This way, your erstwhile enemy - boredom - will bid adieu forever and you'll have a chance to reinvent your perception towards your job every single day.