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Interesting Career Paths for Accountants to Consider

Lewis Robinson
There are dozens of exciting job opportunities available to professionals with experience in the world of accounting. If you’re ready for a change of scene, now is an ideal time to explore what career paths are available to you.
Working in a field like accounting can easily become boring after a while. Whether you have a passion for numbers or not, you might feel like the standard career path is not playing out the way you had hoped. Luckily, being an accountant is not as limiting as you might imagine.
Look over these interesting job opportunities for accountants and learn more about each path. A little research can help you discover an exciting new prospect for your future.

Entertainment Gigs

A big reason that people with accounting degrees feel bored with their jobs is that they are dealing with data that doesn’t spark any excitement. There are only so many times you can read over expense reports for an e-commerce brand before you feel like losing your mind.
If your biggest problem is the field that you’re currently operating in, now is the time to try your hand at a different industry. Corporate entertainment accountant might be a worthwhile position because these professionals tend to work in much more exciting spaces than traditional accountants.
Movie studios and entertainment offices are constantly looking for accountants with CPA training to take on the complicated financial documents associated with this industry. From helping out production budgets to determin fair compensation for talent, this could easily be a job that puts you in contact with some of the biggest and brightest names in film.
Keep in mind that these jobs are very competitive and you will need to prove that you are exceptional with your accounting skills in order to secure the job you desire.

Tax Specialist

One of the tried-and-true career options available to accountants is tax specialist. CPAs are always being asked information on how to prepare and file tax docs, so this might not come as a surprise to you. Still, there have been a number of changes made to tax law in recent years due to advancements made in the world of tech.
With new digital currencies dominating the economy in recent years, there is a greater need for experienced accountants. Clients are going to need to know all about Form 8949 and how declaring cryptocurrency assets works.
While it might not be very different from what you do now, the changing laws and emerging specialty fields can definitely make this gig more interesting. If you think this is an area that you might want to pursue, take a moment to research what changes have taken place with the IRS over the last few years.
When you have a comprehensive understanding of tax laws and how it impacts cryptocurrencies, it opens up a number of new opportunities for the future.

Software Developer

On the topic of digital trends, you might not realize that a number of accountants go into work related to software development. While you might not have all the skills required to code your own program, software developers are always creating new apps related to finance.
Of course, these developers are usually not experienced accountants. This means they need reliable data and information on how the world of accounting actually works. In many cases, these companies will hire accountants to work as consultants and provide insight on what changes to make.

Government Positions

Finally, a career as a government accountant might be an exciting prospect for some. The opportunity to work for the FBI is an enticing one that can be as lucrative as it is intriguing. Regulations on getting into this field are tight, so take time to research exactly what is expected of applicants before beginning the process.
If you feel bored by the work you are currently doing as an accountant, there are a number of other options available to you. Take time to explore what career opportunities are available and see how you can begin your journey.