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Industrial Design Careers

Shashank Nakate
A lucrative career option in today's time, industrial design is used to add value to industrial products. To succeed in this field, the basic qualities one needs to possess are creativity, technical know-how, and excellent communication skills. Read this story till the end to find the right fit for you.
An upcoming career in the field of design, industrial design is all about adding aesthetic value to the goods produced in industries. This is achieved by making a product more user-friendly by improving its design.
According to the data gathered by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 43,900 jobs available for industrial designers in 2018. It is estimated that the number of jobs in this sector will grow by 2% till 2026. However, owing to stiff competition, one has to be well-prepared in order to survive in this field.


Those who want to make a career in industrial design must have a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. One can go in for a masters, too. An industrial designer should be well versed with technical subjects in order to understand principles of engineering, industrial material and processes, and ergonomics.
Along with technical knowledge, the designer should be adept in different media of communication, such as print media, electronic media, photography, etc.


Following is the list of subjects taught in a degree program for industrial design.
  • Basic Industrial Design Studio I & II
  • Graphic and Industrial Design Fundamentals
  • Computer Imaging in the Design Process
  • Intermediate Industrial Design Studio Series
  • Professional Practice in Industrial Design
  • Advanced Industrial Design Studio Series
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Contemporary Manufacturing Processes I & II
  • Advanced Digital Design Processes
  • Ideation I & II
Once a person completes the course, s/he is capable of handling different technologies. The skill of sketching comes in handy for any designer. Computer proficiency helps the designer handle different software. The written and verbal skills that are polished during the course of the degree program help in communicating with clients in an effective manner.
It is advisable to complete an internship before the degree course gets over. A summer job can also help in gaining experience and becoming 'industry-ready'.

Career Options

An industrial designer can work in different posts in various industries. Following are some of the examples of the designations and work settings.
  • Industrial Designer - Design Firm
  • Multimedia Designer - Entertainment Industry
  • Product Designer - Automotive Industry
  • Interface Designer/Developer - Software Industry
  • Product Developer - Consumer Products Industry
  • Exhibit Designer - Museum
This is a growing field, and is important for the development of innovative ideas. It not only helps manufacturing firms increase their sale, but also gives designers a platform to display their skills.