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Human Resources Coordinator Job Description

Stephen Rampur
A human resource coordinator is responsible for performing varieties of functions in the resource management practice, be it related to resources or administration.
A human resource coordinator is an executive responsible for carrying out several tasks related to administration. He/she is a coordinator for all important functions such as hiring and recruiting, and development, maintaining employee records, etc.
Generally, the coordinator works under the supervision of the human resource director. In some situations, he/she even supervises and renders guidance to the clerical staff, trainees, and volunteers. HR coordination is certainly one of the most important careers in human resources.

Responsibilities of a Human Resource Coordinator

The job profile of a human resources coordinator is enlisted in this section.
  • The job primarily includes coordinating work inside the HR department. He/She maintains a detailed record of the turnover, and researches and formulates strategies which effectively aid in employee retention.
  • The coordinator is also responsible for consulting with managers and supervisors about company policies and procedures, and whenever necessary in helping them.
  • The coordinator helps employees and their managers in performance and disciplinary matters. He/She may even propose and develop a set of rules that would monitor the discipline and work of workers.
  • The job also includes consulting with practice managers regarding employee turnover, absenteeism, changes in work settings, employee motivation and recognition, and other employee-related aspects.
  • He/She has to be in regular touch with project managers for any requirements related with projects, and prepare periodical announcements of required positions.
  • His/her responsibility also includes assessing, sieving, and interviewing candidates for available positions; and making referrals of well-qualified and skillful applicants to the respective department managers and handling positions for summer students.
  • Other tasks assigned to him/her include carrying out field interview campaigns and advertising, arranging for all essentials needed for the recruitment drive, coordinating work with other staff members, determining employee performance appraisals and developing plans and strategies for recruitment.
  • A human resources coordinator carries out the duty of conducting employee recognition activities like service honors and 'Employee of the Year' awards.
  • If the coordinator has a wide expertise in the human resources field, he/she may allowed to review employment procedures and suggest revisions to heighten the efficiency of the operations in a particular practice.
These are some of the most significant responsibilities that are included in an HR coordinator's job profile. However, the obligations may vary largely according to the company he/she works in.
The annual salary that human resources coordinators receive may depend upon their level of skill and expertise, educational qualification, and years of experience. Generally, they receive a salary of around $60,000 - $90,000 per annum.
There are ample career opportunities in the Human Resource Management (HRM) field due to the diversity in roles and responsibilities.