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HR Interview Questions

Charlie S
An HR interview is an important part of the recruitment process, and may pose as a challenge to some. Therefore, we have put together a list of questions and answers, to help you prepare for the same, and get that job that you always wished you had.
The interview conducted by the HR of a company is one of the most important and decisive rounds of hiring in any organization. So, brushing up on your subject knowledge and preparing yourself for this round in advance would be a good idea.
While facing the HR, you should not pretend to be what you are not, as your real self will easily be reflected from your body language. Answering the questions confidently and politely is the key to fare well in the meeting. Your preparation would be further aided if you have a general idea about the questions normally asked during these interviews.

Likely Questions in an HR Interview

Tell me about your education and personal interests

Describe your personal details, educational qualifications, and career goals while answering this question.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This one tests whether you are aware of your strong and weak points. Give a genuine answer to this question, in order to create a good impression.

Why do you think you should be selected for this job?

This question will test your confidence on your skills and knowledge. Answer this question by stating how you will be able to do justice to the position and benefit the organization.

What is your dream job?

This one will test whether you are really interested in the job you have applied for. Describe the job which you are applying for as your desired or dream job.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This is one of those questions by which the interviewer can derive your career goals and plans you made for your future. The answer to this question helps the interviewer understand the inclination and interest of the candidate. Describe your goals and state how this job will help you achieve them.

Why did you resign from your previous job?

While answering this question, explain how this company has more potential to aid your career growth than the previous one.

Do you enjoy working in a team?

This question will allow the interviewer to know whether you can adjust with your team members, and work with them closely for the success of the company. Give a genuine answer and state reasons.

Do you think you are overqualified for this post?

While answering this question, explain how your qualification is proper and relevant to the post. If you are desperate to get the job, then you must say NO to this question.

Are you open to work for the organization in its offices outside the city and abroad?

This question lets the interviewer know how committed and interested you are towards the job. Answer according to your personal preference.

Are you open to learning new technologies and concepts at work?

This question is asked to know whether the candidate likes to gain new knowledge and update his skills as per the changing times. Show your eagerness to learn new technologies as an answer to this question.

How do you think should the behavior of an employee be in his office?

Your answer to this question will help the interviewer understand if you are disciplined. Explain why workplace etiquette and rules need to be followed, and how an employee must behave.

What are your hobbies and special interests?

Your reply will portray what interests you apart from academics and your career. Since companies these days prefer to hire people successful on many fronts, this is a very important question of the interview. Provide details about your passions in life.
The aforementioned questions and answers are for freshers and experienced candidates, alike. The questions can also vary from one organization to another as per their set guidelines. Work hard and chase your dream job!