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How to Write a Teacher's Resume

Buzzle Staff
A resume is an important tool through which an individual markets his skills and know-how to secure employment. A resume for a teacher is no exception to this rule. It is pure evidence that the individual is good enough to get the job. Let us talk about how to write a teacher's resume.
When we talk about a teacher, we picture in our minds an individual who knows almost everything and who is very well educated. We also think of this person as someone who knows how to read and write perfectly, and also knows how to deal with kids and their parents very professionally.
The thought that a teacher would need help in writing his/her own resume seems very unlikely. But, for those who are looking to enhance their resumes with the right content and format, here are a few tips and tricks that would be of great help.
It is very essential that the resume clearly communicates your qualifications, experience (if any), and most importantly, the things about you that make you a unique candidate for the job. While keeping the important points in mind, the resume also needs to be neat, professional, and relevantly informative.
Here, we shall talk about some specific points on how a teacher's resume should be written.

Professional Look

The overall look of a resume goes a long way in catching the positive attention of a prospective employer. First of all, make sure that the paper used is fine, smooth, and white in color. It is advisable to avoid using fancy fonts.
Simple, readable fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial should be used. Also make sure that the font size on the copy is around 10 - 12 points, and not larger.
Have a general idea at the start itself of what all you would like to include in your resume. This way, you can decide what formatting pattern is best and follow it right from the start. Remember, you are a professional, and this resume will be the first impression about yourself, even before you speak.


Go all out to identify yourself clearly. It says who you are, where you are from, etc. It should include your name, address, email, phone number, and other personal details. Make the name the largest font size amongst all of these elements, preferably 3 - 4 point sizes larger than the rest.


Start with a catchy but clear objective. Choose to write in brief about your abilities, goals, and areas in teaching that interest you the most. This section is very important in portraying your sincerity, character, and ambition in life. In short, it says a lot about you as a person and your abilities to be an exceptional teacher.

Educational Background

The education of an individual determines most of his life ahead. And if you are a teacher, then the education factor is surely a very important part of your life. This has to be put down in reverse chronological order, clearly, and in brief. It plays an important role in highlighting your background and the path taken that led you to become a teacher.

Highlight Your Teaching Experience

You need to clearly show which institutions, and in what capacity, you have been associated with in the past. The headings should be clear, and the interviewer should be able to get an idea of prior experience by just giving your resume a glance.
He shouldn't have to dig deep and look around too much to search for information regarding your experience. Also make sure to include all previous assignments in your experience section, regardless if they were paid or unpaid. These too should be in reverse chronological order.

Special Skills / Honors

Mention any special skills that you may have acquired. These are important to showcase along with the regular skills and educational qualifications one acquires in a lifetime. If you have received any important achievements / awards / honors, etc., these need to be shown too, as they highlight your dedication, sincerity, and hard work.


If you have previous work experience, be sure to mention a couple of credible references at the end of your resume. If you are applying for your first job, then the references can be from the institutions that you have done your training courses from. Make sure that none of the references include family or friends.
Once you have followed and finished with the mentioned tips, there are a few more general ideas that can be incorporated into your resume. Try not to make the resume more than one page. If two pages are necessary, do not staple both the pages together.
Instead, take a tabloid size paper, fold it in half and type out both the pages on the inside halves facing each other. Follow a format that is simple and neat, yet professional. Things that are important need to stand out and should be clearly viewable at a glance. Besides your regular information, try to stress on your uniqueness and your positive trends.
Also mention any special techniques that you may have devised that you use in your teaching methods. And last but not the least, you are a teacher. So take a lot of care to proofread your resume for grammar and punctuation, before finalizing the document. It would be a good idea to send off your resume with a pleasant cover letter along with it.
A teacher is someone who all people look up to as a role model and someone who imparts valuable knowledge to all. Hence, it is very important that a teacher's resume is professional and presentable. It needs be a document that others look at as being special, this besides being eye-catching to all the potential employers that would look at it along the way.