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How to Write a Resume for a Staff Accountant

Mukta Gaikwad
Writing a resume takes a little more than good vocabulary. In order to write a resume for a staff accountant, you must be as clear and precise with your words as you would be with your work. Let your employers know that you're meticulous and to the point.
Your resume is your silent spokesperson. Thus, you have to pick your words carefully to make a lasting impression on the reader. While writing your resume, the language needs to be crisp & your qualities have to be highlighted with clarity. Stating your objects, mission & vision sans any ambiguity will give the reader a positive impression about you.
A remarkable resume as such, will increase your chances of getting the job. Writing a resume for a staff accountant, is similar to writing any other resume, because the essence remains the same even though the ingredients change.

Tips for Writing Staff Accountant's Resume


Before you begin writing your resume, it is important that you know the purpose of your job. Knowing about staff accountant's job description would help you frame the perfect resume.
The purpose of a staff accountant's post is to assist the senior accountant or the CEO in making financial schedule, maintaining the old ones, managing the financial activities, preparing income & expenditure accounts, balance sheets, working in tandem with auditors, maintaining files & complying with strict security issues related to the finance department.
Drafting a resume on the basis of this job description will help you set an objective, bring out the required qualities on paper and attach your qualifications in the best order.


The objective in your resume has to be bang on to the point. It must bring out your personality in the minimum number of words. An objective has to be goal oriented, that shows your determination and the urge to be in the offered position. It must also show your desire to learn and contribute to the company's growth and success.
As a staff accountant's role deals closely with money matters, it must exhibit your quality of honesty and integrity. For example, I would be obliged to work as Staff Accountant's position, which will provide an opportunity to utilize acquired skills with commitment to excellence, honesty and integrity.


The next part of a resume is which brings out your qualities. Remember, that writing a resume is not like writing an essay. Thus, it cannot be descriptive in style. Being judicious with words and yet making an impact is the key to writing an effective resume.
A staff accountant must have qualities such as strong presentation skills, ability to work with multiple priorities, dynamism in work, analytical mind, calculative approach and inquisitive nature. All of these have to be brought out through your resume.


Formal training is a crucial part of picking up any job. So, if you are aspiring to make a career as a staff accountant, you need to shed light on your qualifications. Allot a brief paragraph to your academic qualifications, achievements that speak of your degrees, masters & your scores. You can make a brief mention of your extra curricular pursuits as well.


The last, but the most important aspect of writing a good resume is the aesthetics. A resume has to be well formatted, the alignment has to such that is gets easy to navigate, subtitles have to be self-explanatory, font has to be a readable one, the quality of the paper has be good and lastly, the resume has to be proofread for mistakes.
Aesthetics decide how your resume is going to look. Avoid using any colors in your resume, except for the subtitles.
Keeping in mind that these details will help you draft an impeccable resume that will surely get you the job you've always wanted.