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How To Write An Essay For PTE Academic

Satvik Garg
The PTE Academic Essay Writing Task comes in Section I: Speaking & Writing. This is important as you can score around 15 credits for it. Not just that, the 'Written discourse' Score under Enabling Skills is scored by evaluating this item alone. Being good at English does not mean being good at writing an essay. So you must prepare yourself.

Building Up An Essay

There should ideally be 4 paragraphs:
  1. Introduction
  2. Body of Essay: Supporting Content.
  3. Body of Essay: Continue Supporting Content Or Opposing Content According To The Question.
  4. Conclusion

Opposing or Supporting

It's easy, do what the prompt asks. If the prompt is like 'discuss both sides' then you need to write both ways. Otherwise, stick to the side you want to represent.

The best way is to practice through Mock Tests and request a PTE Evaluation to see if you are heading in the right direction or not.

What It's Scored On

For an essay, you are scored on:
  • Content (if 0, no further scoring)
  • Form (if 0, no further scoring)
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Development, Structure, and Coherence
  • General Linguistic Range

The Do's List

  • Check Spellings before submitting.
  • Write with punctuations.
  • Stick to the content.
  • Write in four paragraphs.
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary.
  • Write in 200-300 word limit.
  • Utilize the whole 20 minutes.

The Dont's List

  • Don't write in all CAPS.
  • Don't repeat same words too many times.
  • Don't write in bullet points.
  • Don't use different spelling conventions