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How to Turn Your Sales Skills Into a Dream Job

Lewis Robinson
If you're the kind of person that could sell a bottle of water to a fish in the sea, then you've likely spent years perfecting those sales skills. Chances are, you love selling and all the challenges it presents. Nothing invigorates you like getting out in the field, meeting new people and helping them realize their goals through the products you sell.
Have you stopped to think about your goals? You can put those amazing abilities to work in fields you may have never considered. Here's how your talents could land you the job of your dreams.

Selling Real Estate

Real estate can be a very lucrative branch of sales. There are many alluring qualities to selling homes and property. You'll have the flexibility of working as many hours as you like, and each day will be a little different. As a real estate agent, you'll need to be trained and get a license per your individual state laws.
Selling homes can be very gratifying because you're helping people realize their dreams of becoming home and business owners. Since you can decide how many hours you work, you are largely in control of how much you make. That can be very profitable for you.

Sharing Skills As a Sales Manager

People that have terrific skills in the sales world often go on to become sales managers. In this position, you would be the head of a company's sales team and be involved in showing others how to be a good salesperson. If you love sharing tips, formulating sales plans, motivating people and being in charge, this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

Working With Software

If you're a computer guru, you could put your expertise to work in sales. Software companies need knowledgeable people who are passionate about computer programming and speak the language. As a sales rep for a software firm, you would analyze the needs of your client and explain to them why your product is the best one to realize those goals.

Representing Pharmaceuticals

Selling pharmaceuticals is very different than other types of sales because you need to know about the products you're representing on a biological level. In many companies, you'll be required to have a degree in a related field. If you enjoy the medical atmosphere, such as doctor's offices and hospitals, this could be a wonderful career.

Living Abroad

Have you ever dreamed of living abroad? If you have always imagined yourself in another country, or if you speak a second language, you could work in sales remotely. Many companies have expanded into foreign countries and need representatives to negotiate for them. This could be an exciting chance to live in a new place while being paid for your efforts.

Creating Advertising Campaigns

Advertising sales present a unique challenge, not only for billboards, but for TV, radio and print. In sales, you'll be the middle person between the buyer and your marketing department. You'll help create fun and original ideas for ads that give your client a huge response to their campaign. A satisfied customer will continue to give you repeat business.

Endless Opportunities

It takes a special personality to be a good salesperson. For those that possess these remarkable abilities, the opportunities are endless. You can specialize in almost any field and work just about anywhere you'd like. Now is the time to turn your specific skills into a lucrative career in sales.