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How to Make Money in College Without Burning Out

Amanda Sparks
Simply because you’re a freshman in college, it doesn’t mean that you must be bankrupt. Here are a couple of jobs that will let you study while working.
The image of a student munching on instant ramen and trying to cut spendings here and there has been ingrained into our culture for quite a while now. However, despite this common belief, there are many ways students can earn some extra money easily.

Work the Dorm Front Desk

If you’re going to study at a big college, there are definitely desks where students can leave complaints, receive information, and pick their packages up. A person needs to be at that front desk at all times, so there’s a lot of work to be done. Having this job in your resume will let you land a resident assistant job much easier.

Become a Teacher Assistant

Once you have sufficient knowledge and confidence, you should definitely become a teacher assistant (TA). This is an excellent practice especially if you’re looking forward to having a career in academia. It is critical that you are versed in the topic of the class you’re about to TA. Ideally — you’ve already taken that class in the past.
This job isn’t too demanding in terms of time, so you’re not prone to burning out with this position. Additionally, you can improve your skills in this field and get experience in teaching others which is always a good point to add on a resume.

Work as a Freelance Writer

If you’re one of those people that have a penchant for writing and you’ve always been getting good grades for your essays, it’s a reasonable idea to start a part-time writing career. You don’t really need to look for a long time since freelance writers are in high demand now.
If you want to enter the freelance writing career, there is a wide array of tasks you could be doing, ranging from academic writing service and proofreading to editing and translating and beyond. You don’t really need to major in the literature of journalism to land a writing gig.

Where Do I Look for a Writing Gig?

  • Fiverr — Here you’ll find loads of small, short-term writing jobs.
  • Craigslist — One of the largest classifieds in the world that has enormous databases of freelancing jobs.
  • Freelancer — A large-scale community of employers and freelancers from all over the world.

Work as a Resident Assistant

Sometimes this is quite a demanding job. You will be opening the door for intoxicated students that have lost their keys, sometimes you will have to offer psychological support to a freshman. Your primary responsibility is to consolidate a sense of community among students.
Becoming an RA implies a lot of responsibility, but it is a rewarding job. By working as a Resident Assistant, you’ll be able to network with professors that can always write a letter of recommendation, if you do your job well, of course.

Take Temporary Jobs

Money for your everyday needs or activities can come from various sources. Keep your eyes and mind open to new opportunities and don’t fear to try temporary jobs even if they might sound odd to you.

Stay Open to Different Options

Life on the campus can be hard. However, most students don’t even know that there are often positions on the campus that will let them earn a little extra money, while still allowing them to be a productive student.