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How can 13-year Olds Make Money Fast

Charlie S
We hear stories of teenagers working smartly and earning some money along with completing their education. Read here an information about how teens can make money through various creative activities.
The teenagers of this generation are really outgoing, talented and focused in their work. They do not like to accept defeat in their work and they work hard to achieve success. So, whether it is their educational performance or extra curricular activities, teenagers manage to find a way for success.
Some teenagers also work part-time to fund their education. What the teenagers need is proper guidance and motivation which will give them the strength to excel in all walks of life.

How 13 Year Olds Earn Money?

Working in Restaurants

At 13, you can't expect someone to give you a job at the cash counter or as a waiter in a restaurant. However, you can surely work as a helper to waiters and cashiers by doing small, yet important tasks for them. With this job, teenage students will get practical exposure along with some money. This is certainly one of the best money making ideas for teens.

Content Writing

For those teens who have the expertise and also a flair for writing, content writing would be one of the fastest ways to make money. Website owners are constantly searching for quality talent in the field of creative writing who can deliver good and classy content for their readers.
Depending on your performance, you get paid on an hourly basis or on a per article basis. Ideally, these jobs can earn you about $19 or more per hour. Well, the payment may vary depending upon the subject and the company.

Online Surveys

There are many companies who will actually pay you to fill brief surveys. The income potential for this job for teens could be between USD 1 to USD 3 per survey as per the view of market experts.
However, before you accept any online job, you should take permission from your parents and verify whether these jobs are legitimate and legal in nature. Also check if there are any age restrictions for these jobs as many companies require online job seekers to be eighteen years old.

Taking Care of Pets

Taking care of pets of people is one of the fantastic money making ideas for thirteen year olds. However, teenagers wishing to do this job should have a love for different kinds of animals.
It is possible to learn the techniques of taking care of pets by sufficient practice. Since many office going people have no time for pets, you can earn good amount of money by taking up this responsibility.

Singing and Music

Are you good at singing? If yes, then make the most of your talent by singing in musical concerts and shows as this can help you earn good money. Since singing is an art which always remains with a person, you can make use of it to be financially independent and to earn praise in society. Knowing how to play a musical instrument would be an added advantage.

Sales Job

Sales jobs, which involve door-to-door selling of the products of the company for which you work can also help thirteen-year olds earn some quick bucks. Teenagers can accompany senior sales executives at different locations and assist in the job. They can also expect attractive incentives and bonuses on performing better.
If you are good at arts such as painting, you can hold an exhibition of some of your finest work and earn money from the organizers of the exhibition.
Other arts such as making greeting cards, sketching, etc., can help you make money to satisfy your basic needs.
Though these suggestions are good enough, teenagers should not get carried away by money making and give equal importance to their education.