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How to Land a Holiday Job

Saptakee Sengupta
Vacations are going to start and you are confused, how to find a job this season. No worries then, we have provided you the right guidelines on landing a holiday job.
No matter how religiously one attends a school or a college, the eagerness to enjoy holidays is always there in some corner of the mind. Educational institutions usually remain closed for a specific time during November and December, as they are the festive months.
This break from the grinding chore is much-needed to rejuvenate oneself and indulge into something creative and productive. Many students start working during holidays to add extra bucks in their pockets. Apart from earning money, one also comes to know how efficient he/she is in handling responsibilities.
It also exposes students to an environment where they mix with people and learn new things which are a way different from school activities and educational atmosphere. Landing a holiday job becomes easy when students are aware of the jobs that they are interested in. Now let's see how to land a holiday job, in the following segment.

Prepare your Resume

Holiday hiring usually begins during the onset of fall season. Therefore, you should keep your resume ready with all necessary details in it. Emphasize more on your educational background and career goals.
Mention your previous job experience only if you have worked in holidays or other occasions. Express your hobbies, interests, and extracurricular skills in your resume. An explicitly defined resume has greater chances of acceptance. Henceforth, you must be clear in your views.

Start Job Hunting

You should start applying for jobs at least a month before your holidays begin. Now if you are a fresher over here, then you must be wondering where to look for a holiday job or how to get a holiday job. Do not confine yourself to only one field, rather explore numerous options.
Register yourself in job portals and post your resume in their sites. You will automatically find numerous holiday jobs for students that will match your interest. Newspapers and classifieds also contain thousands of job advertisements for students. You can check them on regular basis, maintain a record and start applying.

Holiday Job Options

Seasonal job opportunities for students are ample. Usually they prefer working in retail stores in the sales department. You can work there part-time in order to gain experience in dealing with customers. If you love writing, freelance writing is the best option. College students can try online affiliate marketing, graphic designing and content writing.
Food outlets, delivery centers, libraries, entertainment houses (movie halls) and recreation centers (parks) absorb students at a large-scale. You can take tuitions for juniors or hobby classes during holidays. Other popular options among students are pet care and babysitting. All you have to do is search properly and then take up the job of your choice.

Apply for Several Jobs

We repeat once again that do not restrict yourself to a single field, because it will limit your scopes of landing a proper holiday job. Mail your resume to the prospective companies or you can directly walk-in to their offices.
Once you get selected, they will ask you to join on a specific date. If you complete these formalities before your vacation begins, then you can join right from the day one of your vacation. In short, an early start is needed.

Be Flexible with Yourself

Remember that it's a temporary job and you might not be offered exactly what you have been looking for.
For example, if you are asked to work in the early mornings or till late nights, then you can accept the offer, provided there is no major hassle in doing so. When you show flexibility, companies or stores will be more eager to hire you. Call center jobs are quite common among college goers as they fetch a good sum.
This is how you land a holiday job. Once you have started working, you will soon experience the satisfaction achieved from self earning. Although it will be a temporary job for you, I'm sure it will pave the way for your progress in the future.
However, being a student at this stage, your primary aim should always be towards education. Make sure the temptation to earn money doesn't hamper your studies and homework. Last but not the least, we must say that discuss with your parents before taking any decision.