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How to Get a Job at an Ad Agency

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
People looking to make a career at an ad agency, may find this information very helpful. Learn the different ways of getting employed in the world of advertisements.
People looking for a job at an ad agency need to have one thing; lots and lots of creativity. Working an ad firm can be quite an experience, but getting a job in the advertising field is not a piece of cake. Today competition is extremely tough, and at every point there seems to be a test which has to be passed to move forward.
Advertising jobs can only be handled by creative people, at the end of the day it's all about creating and marketing new ideas and selling it to the people. One of the most easiest ways to get in this field is to have an understanding of the job and get a clear idea on what has to be done.

Getting a Job at an Advertising Agency

As mentioned before, working at an ad agency requires tons of creativity. The brain always has to come up with more unique and creative ideas which should be better from the former. This business is all about newness and once talent is shown, rewards automatically start coming. Ideal candidates are those who have done a diploma or a course in advertising.
Having a degree in advertising from a reputed university can also be very helpful in getting a job. With so many ad agencies it can be quite difficult for an applicant to search the one from where he/she can begin his/her career. In such confusing times, the Internet can come in very handy. 
Knowing some useful details about the company can also help in clearing the interview. Remember the company's achievements and the people who are on the management prior going for the interview. 
A resume, in all cases, is the deciding factor whether or not the interview can be successfully cracked. The resume should display the creative qualities of the applicant, it should be professional and yet simple. Recommendation letters from previous employers can also sometimes help the applicant to crack the interview.
Calls are generally not appreciated because everyone at an ad agency is very busy. People with no experience in the advertising field are bound to some face setbacks when they go for interviews. In such cases, it's advised that the applicant begins his/her career as an intern.
Internship provides a better learning experience for freshers and they can also get a good insight on the different assignments and how to go about it. Many successful people in this industry have begun their career as interns, they learned everything to learn and then rose to the top of the chain.
Addressing a letter to the Creative Director of the ad agency can also be helpful in creating an impression during the interview. One of the best things to do is to attend advertisement and creative seminars conducted by various ad agencies or retired ad filmmakers.
These seminars give good insight on the current trend of advertising and most companies pick up candidates from these places only. Applicants can also check with friends and peers and see who can help them out in securing a job. People who are not getting jobs at their preferred companies can start-up with local ad agencies for experience and understanding.
People can also start their career by rendering their professional services to small business owners so that they can gain some experience. Applicants can also try in for local radio and TV stations. Freshers can also work as a freelancers and gain experience.
To survive in the advertising industry, it is essential that the creative mind shouldn't stop working, it should start searching and work on anything that comes in the way. It's good to have a positive approach to life as positivity itself gives a good boost to creativity.