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How to Get an Internship

Medha Godbole
Getting an internship may be quite a task sometimes, even though these days they are common or even compulsory for some courses. Read on to know more about getting an internship.
Internship is something like courtship before you actually take a plunge into wedlock! Internship refers to work experience before you really step out in the concerned professional field. As many of us might be knowing, internships are meant to make you ready for the real world thereby giving you a glimpse of the same.
An intern is most often not paid, but he or she gains work experience which might prove more crucial than money at that point of time. But all said and done, internships may sometimes be hard to find. Still, let's look at the probable ways of getting an internship.


Hunting the Organization/ Business

This is the first step to getting an internship, that is zeroing in on the organizations you want to work for. For that, get in touch with your faculty adviser or with the college or department internship coordinator, if you have one.
Basically, let the people concerned, professors for instance, know that you want to do an internship. An in depth research into companies you want to work with will really help. That will help you weave that information in the resume and the cover letter.

Speaker Speak

There are always lectures happening every now and then in colleges and universities. When you attend any of such symposiums or lectures on topics of your interest, grab the opportunity and meet the speaker after the lecture. It is a great way to give your career a kick start.
Tell the speaker about your fields of interest and ask him or her if there is any research program or summer project in the pipeline. Who knows, you would get a great pedestal for your career!

Fair Deal

Career fairs are a great way to create contacts and get to know all the options related to your field of interest. Many such fairs take an aptitude test, which helps you choose your career path, if you are not sure of it. Collect business cards of all the people you meet working on posts which interest you. You'll meet such people at these career fairs too.

Letters do It

Sometimes, if you send an email or handwritten letter to a professor or a professional working in the field you want to pursue, it can work. You just need to know how to approach them and be bold enough, have no qualms about asking whether you can work with them as an intern.

Payback Time

Well, it might not be necessary as far as how to get internship is concerned, but it is good for creating a positive impression on the employers. This factor is paying at least 20 % of your education expenses. It reflects the fact that you are responsible and are willing to fend for yourself.

Vital Stats

Now is the time to have an up-to-date and perfect resume with an appropriate cover letter, as a part of your internship or job application. This is not to be compromised, even if it is for an internship at a fashion magazine.

Clarity, the Key

Do some homework and be ready to answer questions like 'Tell us the reason why you want to work here'. For that, be clear as to what you want to do and why you want you join that particular firm.
Therefore, in reply to that saying - working for that company will be a precious addition to your experience and great for your resume, will be good. If you mention for getting points or that it is mandatory for you to do internship, you have had it.
Finally, campus jobs are also a great way to get an internship. They are like rehearsals for interns, according to some experts, and a great foundation for any kind of job. If you do well there, it adds to your resume and tells your employers about job potential and again tells them how responsible and sincere you are towards your work.
After getting all these things right, the question of getting an internship will not be a problem at all! Who knows, you might get a breakthrough in companies you had only dreamt of!