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How to Format a Resume

Torque Earnest
If you are worried about formatting a resume, here is the best way to format a resume and more...
A resume is what you present to the recruiter, and hence it should be perfect and simple.

Formatting a Resume

The easiest and best way to format a resume is to keep in mind the following order as a thumb rule for getting it right. Secondly get the resume typed. Hand written resume is a strict no no. The following list is the basic outline of a resume.
  • Contact Details
  • Objective
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Extra Curricular Activities
For example, if you are a freshman, you obviously won't have any working experience so you can replace it by any internship that you have done. I am talking about a functional resume here. Whichever is better suited for the job should be more prominent. Now have a look at the how to make a resume step-by-step in the following explanation.
The points that are listed earlier should be in the main body of your resume. Coming to the designing part of it, keep the document as simple and clear as possible. Use a plain white A4 size sheet of paper and black ink for printing, with no decorations of any kind. As far as possible avoid unnecessary bullets and lines too.
Keep your subheads clear by making them bold and left aligned. You can have them aligned in the center if your resume is for a functional purpose (as explained earlier). 
Consider the following things as a checklist:
  • Sub-Heads: Give proper subheads that are relevant. The ones explained further can be used for a conventional resume.
  • Spacing: The spaces between each section should be just about enough to be able to separate out words at a single glance.
  • Font: The font face and size should not be too big or too small. It should be a standard one like the Times New Roman or Arial. The same applies to the size too.
  • Decoration: Last but not the least, do not use colors, margins, borders, and tables (unless for giving your education details).

Contact Details

Giving the contact details of yourself on the top of the sheet is the recent trend and format for resume layout. You can do this in two ways, either by putting in your name, postal and email addresses and contact numbers at the top center of the page or at the left corner of the sheet.


This section of your resume should have the objective i.e. motive of your seeking employment.


This section should have your professional experience in the reverse chronological order. This is also amongst the latest trends of formatting a resume. The latest experience comes first followed by the older ones.
This way the information is presented very systematically, logically and the employer or recruiter knows all your history. Remember to put your achievements too along with the responsibilities.


You have to follow the reverse chronological order by giving your latest education degree or diploma, whatever the case may be first and ending with your schooling. Remember to mention the duration in terms of the academic years you have put in, for each course.

Extra Curricular Activities

This section, though optional, can be used to highlight all your relevant interests in terms of hobbies and activities which you think will aid in your employment.
Hope this is helpful to you. Wish you all the luck for your endeavors.