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How to Find Local Jobs that Match Your Skills

Aastha Dogra
Here, we provide some useful tips for finding local jobs that match your skills, which are sure to help you in your job hunt.
Finding a job is never easy, especially when the economy is still reeling under the after effects of recession. However, you can definitely save a lot of time and effort, if you know where to look for jobs, in your local area, which match your skills, education and qualifications.

Friends, Family and Ex-Colleagues

In many organizations, even before the jobs are advertised, the employees working there are aware of them.
So, check with your friends, family or any past colleagues, whether there are any such job openings in the organizations they are working in. References from them, plus your skills and qualifications, will definitely help you in landing a good job.


Internet is the best place to find a job. There are numerous websites which will help you find the jobs based on your skills.
Internet is a great place to network with professionals in your field too. You never know, some of these professionals, who might be working in some other city, may help you find a job in your local area.
Most of the companies today have their own websites, on which they post all their job openings. So, if you have a particular company that you want to work for, you can check their website and if they have job openings in your area, you can apply for the same.
Lastly, a very useful tip is to check the website of U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Organizations which have the membership of the chamber of commerce, post vacant positions on its website.


If you hire the services of a headhunter, he will help you locate a job in your area, which matches your qualification, skills and experience. These headhunters are regularly in touch with possible employers and serve as a meeting ground for candidates and organizations which have job openings and are seeking professionals for the same.

Employment Agency

Register yourself with an employment agency. These will help you find jobs that you are looking for. Even if the jobs suggested by an employment agency are for a short-term, still go ahead and take them up.
If you are someone who is still unsure of the field that he wants to enter, taking up such temporary jobs, one after the other, through an employment agency, is a good idea. This will give you an opportunity to work for a number of companies in different sectors and thus, you will be in a better position to judge the kind of career path you want to follow.

Local Newspaper

Newspaper is a great place to start your local job search. Many organizations, commercial establishments, particularly who operate on the local level, advertise for jobs in the newspapers. So, whether you are looking for local part-time jobs or full-time ones, you will find plenty in your local newspaper.

Local Workforce Office

The best way to find a job is to take an appointment and visit your local workforce office. They have many job listings along with the skills needed for them. The people working here will help you locate a job where your skills and knowledge can be utilized. Some offices may also help you check your skills and knowledge and help you find a job accordingly.
As mentioned here, finding a job requires a lot of focus, hard-work and patience on your part. After you do find some jobs of your liking, you need to be ready with a professional resume and should possess the desired skills and attitude to clear an interview. So, make sure that you have all these things in place, to clench that coveted job.