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How to Find Babysitting Jobs in My Area

Rohini Mohan
Looking for babysitting jobs this summer break? Well read on to know how I found myself a babysitting job in my area, so that you too can do the same and earn some substantial pocket money.
I'm sure you must be troubled wondering about, how to find babysitting jobs in your area? Well if you have some free time on your hands and want to make a few extra bucks, taking on a babysitting job would be the most feasible option for you. Though, you will firstly need to ask yourself, if you are well suited for the job. This seemingly easy job is no cake walk, and can get into your nerves if you lack patience for children.
Rest assured that no parent or child will tolerate a grumpy nanny or babysitter for too long. On the other hand, if you have looked after younger kids, or if you have younger brothers and sisters, then you may be the right candidate for this job. The reason being you are already aware of the nuances of the task and you know how hard it can get, to look after children. Read on to learn how I found babysitting jobs in my area, when I was still in school:

Let Your Neighbors Know

It was relatively simple, all I had to do was let all my neighbors know that my vacations had begun and that I was looking out for a job as a baby-sitter. I asked them to let me know if they ever needed my assistance for baby-sitting their kids and they agreed. For those who didn't have young children, they willingly offered to spread the message across to other community members who did have small children. The second way I, let more people know was by enlisting my services, at the YWCA records.

Other Ways to Advertise

Well, advertising should be the answer to your question. It seemed like a good idea back then, fortunately it worked out favorably for me. Here are some things you can do:
  • All you need to do is make a single flyer and then get copies of it.
  • You can choose as to who all you wish to distribute these flyers to, as they will contain information details about you. These details include your full name and phone number, so you should be careful who all get to access to your number. In order to make an attractive flyer, you might have to check for some babysitter flyer templates online.
  • The most important fact that I remember while applying for babysitting jobs in my area, was to give complete details of my job requirements, which I suggest you should do as well. This is important because, it helps marginalize your task and the way in which you should be dealing with the kids of a particular age group.
  • Let your flyer show clearly, the age bracket of the kids you are willing to baby-sit.
  • Never opt for baby-sitting children who are a few years younger to you, because egos are bound to clash, which will end up getting the better of your patience.
  • Always ensure that you leave a good impression on the children as well as the parents, so that they appreciate your work. This way the chances of them calling you again increase substantially.
  • I also had to do some research so as to find out about the availability of babysitting jobs. The way I did that was, by reading the pin-up posts, in libraries and coffee shops, that were left by people. I also left my flyers in the local library and play grounds so that parents could have a look at them.
  • One of the best ways I found, was to take up a babysitter course that was being taught by Red Cross. You can try doing the same, as it really boosts up your reputation as a baby-sitter among parents. They feel that you can be trusted and relied upon. It also shows that you are well-trained and serious about your job.
These days it has become easier for getting jobs as babysitters, online. The reason being that there are websites dedicated solely for providing babysitter services. All you need to know is to enlist yourself as a prospective job applicant and you are bound to get a call. Though it is always better to be on the safer side. Ensure that you mention your age and the area you live in, specifically. You will also need to prepare for some basic babysitter interview questions, so that the parents can get to know you better. Your resume must contain certain rules that you must clearly indicate.
These rules must include, that you would travel to-and-fro from your house or theirs only with someone of the same gender as you. That you will babysit only for a specific number of hours, at a fixed given charge. That you will not babysit, while there are other adults in the house. You may add as many rules as you wish, as per your safety and convenience. Make sure that all these conditions are acceptable to the parents via telephonic conversation, so that all doubts are cleared before you actually go to meet them.
You can also try to polish up your resume by learning certain medical emergency skills, which can come handy while dealing with young kids. You can help them with first aid, in case they get hurt, or help them control their asthma attacks. You can also learn how to prevent them from choking on small items, which they may accidentally swallow.