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How to Choose a New Career in Your 30s

Rahul Pandita
Choosing a new career in your 30s isn't a walk in the park. While it is good to be passionate about your new career, you also need to spare a thought about the financial implications it can have on your life.
Choosing a new career in your 30s can be an exciting proposition for people who are passionate about turning their hobby into a career. A decade ago, many traditionalists would have scoffed at someone who thought of changing his career midway, but today, many new avenues have opened up and many people are taking a shot at a second career.
There can be a number of reasons why you are contemplating making a career change, but whatever the reason may be, you need to ensure that you have a plan of action in place.
There is a certain amount of risk involved, as in most cases, it is not only a single individual but, an entire family that is impacted by this change. So, it is important that you consider important things before changing your job.

Reasons for Making a Career Change

► Many people feel that they have devoted a lot of time and energy to pursue their dreams and now, as they have to support their families, they should try to look for a better paying job, even if it means getting into something which is not as per their aspirations.
► Lot of people want to work for themselves. These entrepreneurial individuals want to put the effort and hard work in their own enterprise, so that they get the maximum reward for their work.

► Many working professionals pursue higher courses in order to boost their resume. This opens new avenues for them and allows them to find a better paying job.

Choosing a New Career

► Thoroughly research all the opportunities that the new career has to offer. You need to be informed about the future prospects of a particular industry and the qualifications and skills needed to succeed in this field. It is very important that you get all this information before you quit your current job.
► Pen down your expectations and your aspirations so that you clearly know what the new job should ideally offer you. You have to ask yourself why you are making a hop. Is it job-satisfaction, extra-money or better working hours? Once, you have a clear picture in mind, you can then narrow down your search to industries catering to your needs.
► If you are unable to make a complete assessment of your skills, you can take the help of professional career coaches who can help you in planning a new career. There are numerous books on this subject and you can take their help as well. You should be confident on your abilities and aware about any weaknesses so that you can get the right job for yourself.
► While starting a new career, it is important that you are open to working at new places, as it can be the case that the city you are living in, doesn't offer the desired opportunities.
These were some things to consider before changing your job. Selecting a new career takes a lot of determination and you should be confident that your new career will help you achieve greater heights.
We would like to conclude by remembering Robert Frost's poem
"The Road Not Taken".
I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.