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How to Choose a Career After High School

Charlie S
Choosing a career after high school is a tough task for most students. Here are some useful suggestions and tips to help you.
Joe has just completed his high school education with good grades. His subjects were Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Math and Computer Science. He scored equally good in all subjects and hence, the problem before him is to select his further career. He is wondering whether he should major in the finance field or choose computer engineering. What should he do?
Like Joe, many students search for an answer for the biggest question before them - how to choose a career after high school. Choosing the right career after high school is important because a person has to work in his area of graduation after passing out of university, and if he is not interested in the particular field, then his progress will be very slow.
Many times, students are not able to realize their interests, hidden talents and inclinations, and that is why career tests have assumed significant importance. However, a career test is one of the parts of the process of choosing a career. So, let us acquaint ourselves with the complete procedure.

Your Interests

In high school, you study a variety of subjects. So, it becomes easy for you to find out which subjects you like and which you don't. One thing we would like to suggest is that you should not link your interests with your marks all the time.
It may happen that you end up scoring more in a subject which you do not like, and you do the mistake of opting for a specialization in it later on. Choosing the subject which we really like helps to learn faster and achieve great heights in our career.

Your Abilities

One thing which everyone thinking of how to choose a career for high school should remember is that abilities are as important as self interests. Though you have an interest in a particular subject, you should have the ability to interpret it, remember the concepts and apply them practically.
You should consult your teachers to help you know your strengths and weaknesses, as they have spent several years in the education industry.

Career Growth Opportunities

While choosing a career, you should look at the growth opportunities available in the field, so that you can move up the corporate ladder fast. This can be done by meeting job market experts, industry insiders, and conducting a self research.
Before choosing a career, make sure that it is in hot demand, and job opportunities are available in plenty to secure your future. Lack of opportunities can create difficulties for you to achieve your ambitions in life.


Yeah, we cannot completely ignore the money factor while selecting a career. After all students need to recover their educational expenses and earn well to live a better life. So, researching about the salary packages for the jobs which you can get after doing a particular course, becomes essential.

Career Tests

Career tests can help you know your interests and likes. Till today, millions of students have benefited from these careers tests. These tests include objective questions having multiple choices from all subjects, such as reasoning, logical thinking, math, social sciences, physics, engineering, etc.
After the test, you can get advice from career counselors, who will ask you about your preferred career choice, and tell you how you need to prepare to achieve success in it.
Hopefully, this information will help you take the most important decision in your life. It is always advantageous to go as per our instincts, and do what your inner minds tells you, and not have unrealistic expectations. Good luck and do well!